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Let’s talk about ageing

Do you ever find yourself thinking about ageing? It seems like yesterday that I was one of the youngest wherever I went which could sometimes be a challenge. Commanding respect as a young bank manager certainly had its difficulties. But these days, it’s not like that anymore.

Getting Older and Ageing Gracefully

Increasingly, I notice myself working with people who are younger than me. Not just by a few years either. At the children’s school, I can’t believe how young some of the teachers are. And don’t get me started on police officers and doctors. 

They are always so good at their jobs, however, young they are, and it just makes me think – Am I getting old? And what does ageing really mean? I’m not slowing down, in fact I’m as fit and healthy as I’ve ever been, maybe even more so, and I hope that my healthy lifestyle will keep me happy and active for years to come. But what problems could I face if my lifestyle did start to slip?

Age UK do a lot to raise awareness of the health issues we need to look out for as we get older. Dementia, sight and hearing loss, osteoporosis, incontinence, depression and anxiety are listed on their website. And Canesten raise awareness of the issue of vaginal dryness, which can affect women of all ages and sadly has a stigma around it, so it’s something we just don’t really discuss.

But that’s the thing, discussion is the key to preventing – and dealing with – most of these problems. If we don’t discuss the way a healthy lifestyle can help fend off age-related issues, many people will suffer unnecessarily and in silence.

The benefit of a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be underestimated. Take osteoporosis for example. Age UK make it clear that there are numerous factors in play when it comes to the risk of developing it. But one of those is an unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking, drinking to excess, lacking in vitamin D and calcium as well as not doing enough exercise.

And when it comes to vaginal health, awareness is key. Sadly, because so few people are willing to discuss the topic, it remains somewhat of a taboo. So, people don’t realise that vaginal dryness can cause numerous symptoms including burning, soreness and itching. Or, that it can be easily treated using a water-based intimate moisturiser like Canesintima®.

Whatever issues do come with age, I hope I will always have the confidence to speak out about them and seek help. The more we break taboos like this, the less people will have to suffer in silence when there is help available, whatever the issue or condition.

Getting Older and Ageing Gracefully


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