London From Above By Night {The Ordinary Moments}

I have lived just outside of London my whole life. It’s a city I love, that is so familiar to me and one that I love introducing the children to. As much as London is ever changing and evolving, it’s very much the same city that I have always loved – one of history, of culture and diversity.

A couple of months ago we took the children on the London Eye and it was incredible to see the London skyline from such a height. The last time we’d been on the London Eye was about 10 years ago and the skyline has definitely changed since then – with the introduction of The Shard for a start!

It was the children’s first time seeing London from that view and they loved it. We had fun pointing out all the familiar buildings and teaching them more about London. But then, we went back to the ground and I pretty much forgot about that beautiful London view.

But last weekend I went to Blog On in Manchester and flew from Heathrow. On the way home I landed back at Heathrow after dark and I realised, just before we came into land that I haven’t seen that view of London, from above and by night, for so many years – since holidays before the children.

As the plane descended I looked out the window and was captivated. I felt like a child looking through the window of a toy shop at Christmas. It was so easy to spot all of the iconic London buildings, easier than from the London Eye, and you could see so much at once – it literally took my breath away.

I worked my way down the Thames, spotting Tower Bridge, the London Eye – a red circle in the middle of my view, I could see Big Ben, The Shard, Waterloo train station and further afield the o2 was easy to spot, like a UFO beside the Thames. Then there was the familiarity of Canary Wharf, the Oval stadium and, just before we started the final descent, I manage to spot Wembley – such an iconic building set apart from the other landmarks in London.

I landed at Heathrow with a smile on my face, feeling tired but content. There really is nothing like coming home after time away and seeing London lit up so beautifully made me appreciate coming home just that little bit more.

London From Above By Night {The Ordinary Moments}

Whilst Katie’s away for the weekend I’m hosting The Ordinary Moments. If you’d like to link up, add your post below and I’ll make myself a cup of tea whilst I sit and read them all!

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  1. I know what you mean, as much as its lovely to have been away I always love flying back into London where life is more familiar. Night time is always the best with it all lit up. Great photo. Thanks for hosting this week x

  2. I love landing in London! I used to travel a lot with my previous job and flew into London City regularly; it was a spectacular landing!

    I saw your updates on Facebook; I have to say I think I would have been a little scared on that Heathrow pod!!

    #TheOrdinaryMoments x

  3. Gosh is looks so bright and vibrant! I am a Liverpool girl and love the view of the Liverpool docks! My girls have never been to London in fact I have only been a handful of times – I would love to take them sight seeing one day!

  4. Awww its been ages since I went on the London eye too but these pics are fantastic views from the plane, and I bet it was more beautiful in real life! I love flying but only being an hr from manchester it seems funny that people would fly there haha. Hope you had fun at blog on xx

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