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A big worry for parents and teachers during the summer holidays is that students will lose the learning that everyone has worked so hard on during the previous year. The summer holidays are long enough to provide students with the opportunity to relax, recharge and enjoy themselves but this can come at the cost of retaining valuable information and concepts. It is beneficial to maintain some level of learning over the summer if possible.

Below are a few ideas for how you can help your child avoid summer learning loss:


Buy some new books for your child and build reading time into your daily routine for the summer holidays. If your child is a keen reader they will no doubt be able to choose the books themselves and settle down into a routine. Reading may already be part of your day to day lives and many families incorporate it into the bedtime routine. If you are dealing with a reluctant reader you could ask a teacher’s advice for what reading matter to focus on and again, ask your child for ideas – if they are interested in the books there’s more chance of them enjoying their reading time. You could also see if they would prefer reading on an electronic reader.

Private Tuition

Booking weekly sessions with a personal tutor is a great way to maintain your child’s learning over the holidays. Private tuition will ensure a child doesn’t lose key concepts they’ve worked hard to consolidate over the year. Tuition can be particularly helpful for children who will sit entrance exams at the beginning of the autumn term as they won’t have time to get up to speed after the holidays. Students who will sit GCSE and A-level exams the following year will also benefit from regular sessions with a tutor over the holidays. Contact Fleet Tutors to find a tutor near you who can fulfil your needs for summer tuition.


The summer holidays provide a great opportunity for extra-curricular activities and travel, which in turn keeps children learning about new things and exposes them to new experiences but they don’t have to travel far. Even going to stay with their grandparents for a few days can lead them to experience different things and show them new places. Explore options for trips near you and plan a day out to another town or a zoo, gallery, museum or park. There are plenty of free excursions you can go on if you can’t afford expensive entertainment – as long as they stimulate children’s imaginations it doesn’t have to cost much.

Recharge the Batteries

It really is important for children to relax too after all their hard work at school over the academic year. Recharging the batteries is crucial and sets them up to start the autumn term with renewed enthusiasm and eagerness to see their friends and teachers again, hopefully! Make sure each day is filled with relaxation as well as learning. There should be a balance between keeping the brain active and allowing children time to themselves to relax. Children should remember their summer holidays fondly for all the fun things they’ve done, new places they’ve seen and new things they’ve learnt. If you can find some fun ways to keep up them learning over the holidays and keep their minds active then the summer holidays can be a productive time too.

While summer holidays should be all about fun, freedom and sunshine there’s also room for continual learning in order to keep the momentum up over the holidays.

How To Avoid Summer Learning Loss


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  1. Some great ideas. I think reading is so important during school holidays, I really look forward to my little girls being able to read a book to themselves, I loved being immersed in my own little world of stories.

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