The Beginning of Us – Katy’s Story {What Katy Said}

Our Beginning of Us post today comes from Katy over at What Katy Said. Although I have been chatting to her on Twitter for quite some time I am a relatively new follower of her blog but I love the family posts, humour and honesty. Definitely a blog to check out if you don’t follow it already! Now, over to Katy…

Mr F and I have been together for almost 12 years now which is not far off half our lives! We met at university up in Bangor North Wales. We were living in the same halls, he lived in the next corridor to me. I actually met him on the first night at a halls party but I was rather intoxicated and I didn’t realise it was the same tall blonde until about 6 months later! Also turns out it was that same tall blonde who had plied me with a toxic punch!! It took me days to recover!

We found ourselves a part of the same friendship group quite quickly but I never really spoke to him. He was very shy and it was only when I found him in his room one night, sad about missing home, that we bonded. He said he felt he didn’t have any friends and wished he could go home. As we lay looking up at the glow in the dark stars (kindly left behind by the previous occupier) listening to David Gray, I told him I would be his new best friend.

As the weeks went by we got closer and by the Christmas holidays I knew he was my one. I missed him like crazy those 3 weeks and I must have listened to Daniel Beddingfield’s ‘If you’re not the one’ about 600 times! It took us until the following November to become a couple officially but we have been inseparable ever since.

12 years later, two house moves, married with two daughters and we are still the same. We might not go out and dance all night like we used to but he is still the one person who can make it all ok. He is my lobster.

The Beginning of Us - Katy's Story {What Katy Said}

Such a lovely story Katy! You have literally been together forever and it’s great that your relationship stood the test of university. I always say ‘The world is your lobster’ and so it’s quite fitting that he is also your lobster 🙂

The Beginning of Us - Katy's Story {What Katy Said}


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