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Leaving your comfort zone behind and pushing your limits hard has a charm of its own. If you’re someone who wishes to embrace the unknown and take new risks, then an exhilarating and challenging adventure awaits you. Here’s a quick look at some holiday destinations that can push you out of the comfort zone.

Volunteer Abroad to Help Animal Welfare

Do you love animals and prefer to take care of them? Well, then this could be your ticket to holiday destinations that can bring you right out of your feel-good zone. From volunteering to save orangutans in the cities and various nature reserves of Malaysia, to helping save the sea turtles in Florida, there are various choices available. One can even volunteer to protect the habitats in New Zealand and Australia to get a taste of what living in the wild feels like.

Volunteer for a Project Abroad

Those who desperately wish to break out of their comfort zone, there are plenty of volunteering projects available that are perfect to get involved with. For example, opt for teaching in the impoverished countries such as Sudan, or lend your helping hand in environment projects or healthcare works done worldwide. When you volunteer for such projects to places you’ve never been before, you must face new challenges as you adapt to differing environments, which automatically push you out your zone of comfort.

Holiday Destinations That Will Push You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Visit the Driest, Coldest and Windiest Continent

While the wildlife and picturesque setting of Antarctica looks enchanting, not many actually opt for a visit to the continent due to its harsh weather. But if you’re considering booking a real adventure, visiting this land of ice would be a thrilling experience. The majority of it being largely untouched, any traveller is sure to have an experience of a lifetime. Exploring and surviving the icy wilds of Antarctica doesn’t come anywhere close to the word ‘comfort’, however if it is challenge you are after, there is no better destination.

Explore the Island Country of Cuba

Fancy travelling to Cuba, to a place different from any you have been to before? Then book your trip now and prepare yourself for the holiday of a lifetime. Though Cuba is mainly known for its dance music ‘salsa’, it does also offer challenges and excitement differing from other countries. Cuba is full of thrilling culture, extreme landscapes, delicious and different cuisine and amazing snorkelling and diving opportunities; those who accept this challenge get rewarded with an enriching cultural experience of this Caribbean country.

Holiday Destinations That Will Push You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Track the Golden Monkeys and Gorillas in East Africa

Does exploring the dark, dense jungles of Africa excite you? Then tracking the endangered golden monkeys and mountain gorillas in the East African countries of Uganda and Rwanda may be just the thing you’re looking for. Tracking these endangered animals to their natural habitats will not only offer you an unbelievable holiday experience, but it will also enable you to get a taste of the jungle like never before.

Holiday Destinations That Will Push You Out of Your Comfort Zone

So now that I’ve given you a taste of what’s out there, take the roads less travelled and you never know, you might end up creating the best memories of your life!


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