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Gadgets make our lives easier every day, but they can also waste a lot of our time.

But what if there was a gadget that inspired you to do more? 

That’s what we love most about Gravita, the levitating desk lamp. This brand new light levitates in mid-air. It also charges your phone wirelessly and has a built-in Bluetooth speaker for your music. 

But those aren’t its most impressive feats. Gravita’s lighting is set at a specific colour temperature to relax the body and boost focus (we’ll tell you how below).

It’s great for getting the kids to settle down and do their schoolwork, and it helps adults to feel less stressed at the office and get more work done. 

Gravita is now accepting pre-orders for 50% off, and it ships in time for the holidays. If there are any gadget-lovers on Santa’s list this year, Gravita is the perfect gift!

Here’s a look at some of its most impressive features.

Amazing Levitation

The first thing you notice about Gravita is what ISN’T there—there’s absolutely nothing connecting the lamp neck to the bulb. It floats in mid-air! 

Gravita contains powerful and safe electromagnets that suspend the bulb in place. It’s powered by wireless electricity transmitted from the base of the lamp to a receiver in the bulb. 

The bulb is easy to levitate. All you need to do is place it in the magnetic field until you feel it become weightless in mid-air. It feels like something from Harry Potter! The magnetism is sturdy enough that you can spin the bulb and watch it rotate as if it were in outer space.

As you might imagine, kids go crazy for Gravita. And to be fair, it is quite mesmerising. Although Gravita is a functional lamp and not a toy, it’s fun to levitate the shatter-proof bulb with your kids. It’s guaranteed to inspire some educational conversations, too!

Relaxing and Inspiring

Gravita’s levitation certainly grabs your attention. But what holds it is the relaxing and warm glow of the bulb. 

Gravita’s bulb was designed using colour temperature theory. This theory suggests that you can alter someone’s mood or even make them feel warmer or cooler with lighting alone. 

This may be why people feel irritated in a fluorescent-lit office and comfortable by a crackling fire. 

The Edison bulb that ships with Gravita is calibrated to a colour temperature of 1700, which is a bit brighter than intense candlelight. At this temperature, stress melts away from the body and the mind begins to clear. This makes Gravita a soothing companion when getting ready for bed and an invigorating one while having coffee in the morning.

And the best part? It grabs the kids’ attention at bedtime and puts them to sleep in minutes!

Declutter your Space

One thing we hate about gadgets is all the wires that clutter our desks. Gravita’s versatile design allows you to declutter your space and enjoy a cleaner desk, table or nightstand. 

Gravita is a minimal lamp with a functional base. That means you can light your space with nothing but Gravita’s thin neck and levitating bulb while using its wooden base to keep your phone or tablet. 

And, Gravita will charge your device as it sits on its base. Gravita has a wireless charging dock built right in, so you won’t need to connect your phone charger or keep wires on your desk to power your gadgets. Just set your phone on the base and it will charge automatically!

If you need to charge more gadgets, Gravita has 2 additional ports on the back of its base: 1 USB-C port and 1 USB-A port. You can put those charging adapters in the drawer—Gravita has all the power you need!

Finally, Gravita’s built-in speaker allows you to get rid of external speakers that run wires across your desk and down to your feet.  

Gravita declutters your space so you can do more with less—exactly as a good gadget should!

Music and More

Speaking of speakers, Gravita’s Bluetooth speaker does a lot more than just play your tunes.

You can instantly pair it to your phone from up to 10 feet away and use it to access your music, make calls on speakerphone, watch videos and more. 

It’s really convenient to use when your phone is on the wireless charging dock. You can automatically pair the phone and the lamp and control your music using the phone’s screen.

You can also pair Gravita with your computer, TV or tablet and watch shows or play games. 

The speaker is surprisingly powerful, too. It can project to an entire living room, and the sound is really clear. It’s great for listening to music while you enjoy a book under the warm light. 

Get Gravita in Time for Christmas

Gravita is in its pre-order phase now, and that’s good news for gadget-lovers (and people who need to shop for gadget-lovers). When you pre-order a Gravita lamp, you’ll save 50% off the retail price, and you’ll get it shipped by Christmas. If you have multiple gadget-lovers on your list, you can buy a few at a time and save even more! 

Even if you aren’t into high-tech living, Gravita is stylish minimalist décor for the home, and it’s super eco-friendly. It consumes 80% less electricity than normal lights!

Gravita’s pre-order sale ends in a couple of weeks, so don’t wait. Pre-order your Gravita for 50% off now!

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