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It doesn’t matter whether you love minimalism and you have decorated your entire house to look like a Swedish, minimalist version of the Apple Store, you know deep down that your child room needs a touch of colour.

While a lick of paint in pastel hues works fine for the nursery room (in the first few months of life your beautiful baby’s eyes are not fully formed yet and cannot focus properly at a distance), as soon as your toddler starts to grow it is time to consider putting something a little more exciting on the walls.

The brains of the little ones need stimuli and interesting things to look at and the perfect way to accomplish that is to create a space in their room that will become familiar to them, with images they will grow to recognise and love. For this purpose, nothing beats a carefully chosen designer childrens wallpaper. While toys and books come in and out of fashion, the permanence of a textured wallpaper with recognisable motives can nurture the imagination of your child, as its familiarity makes it the backdrop for his or her adventures.

A classic model that can appeal to both boys and girls is the dreamy Drakhimlen. Its delicate pastel blue in matt finish is decorated with fairy tale classics, from snow-capped mountains to stunning castles and towers circled by calming clouds. Its washable surface guarantees its durability and allows for that unfortunate spot of jam to be safely cleaned away with just a wet cloth.

There is something about animals that kids of all ages find irresistible. No matter whether they are growing up in a big city or in a little hamlet somewhere, there is an undeniable connection between kids and animals. Why not foster this connection with a beautiful wallpaper representing them? The wall covering Wild Animals take your children on an exotic adventure, with all the big African animals represented as cute illustrations. Again, this wallpaper appeals to both girls and boys equally.

If your children are showing an interest in the arts (and which kid doesn’t?) and you want to foster their creative mindset, the wallpaper Frames is exactly what you need. This delightful and understated wall covering with a matt surface, true to its name provide the frames for your kid’s artwork. Images, drawings, cut outs, photos, anything can be added to those frames on the wall. The only limit is your imagination!

If these models have you intrigued, take a look here at the full catalogue of designer children wallpaper from the bespoke retailer Wallpaper from the 70s. Before you head there and make your selection, here are a few words of advice:

Consider wallpapering just a feature wall

While there is nothing against wallpapering all four walls of your child’s room, if you pick a particularly visual wallpaper it might be a good idea to wallpaper just one wall. In this case it’s preferable to wallpaper the wall closer to where the kids play rather than the sleep corner.

Avoid the rainbow effect

While some colour is welcome in the children’s room, avoid a mishmash of hues as it might be overbearing. Take notice of the colours that already dominate the room, especially the ones of the largest pieces of furniture, like the bed, wardrobe and sofa. If you already have a lot of colours in a room, avoid overloaded wallpapers.

Pick a durable material

Your children’s room is not a museum but a place where a lot of activity takes place. This should be the case as kids express themselves jumping around and throwing things as they live their own imagination and play out stories they have created. For this reason, it is always a good idea to pick a type of material that can withstand some abuse. Also, as kids eat, drink and sometimes spill what’s on their plate as they play, a washable surface is always something to look for.

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