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The trend for remote employment continues to grow. In the last two years, many people had to work from home. Today more and more employees look into this opportunity. Yet, to stay productive, one needs to be organized with their space. 

If you are also looking for an option for a flexible work schedule or remote employment, it is important to plan out the arrangement of your home office. Together with the professionals from job aggregator Jooble, we’ve compiled 13 tips on doing that effectively. 

13 Tips How To Arrange A Space While Working Remotely

Find a Separate Space

The first thing to do is to devote a specific place for a home office. It doesn’t have to be a whole spare room. It can be a work desk with a computer. The point is to use it only for professional purposes. Strictly keep the contrast between workspace and leisure to switch from one psychological state to another with ease.

Set Rules for with Others

If you are not living alone, set specific rules about this space with others. They need to respect your working hours and location. 

Invest in a Desk and a Chair

The furniture you are going to be using has to be comfortable. After all, you are going to spend 8 hours a day here. Buy or use a desk that is wide enough for necessary tools. Also, invest in a good, ergonomic, and comfortable chair. 

Eliminate Distractions

Keep the space clean and decluttered. Do not put any distractions there. Only keep the things you need for work closely. 

If possible, choose the non-distracting view – for example, a wall or a window that opens to a natural landscape. 

Incorporate Lights

The next tip is to have a decent amount of light. If your desk stands right beside the window you can get enough sunlight. If it is not the case, prepare artificial lighting. It should be bright but not blinding, opt for warmer options. 

Use Right Colors

It is no secret that different colors have a diverse impact on our emotional and mental state. The best ones for concentration are blue, green, and orange. Red can be a bit aggressive. Think about it when painting the walls or choosing specific accessories for the home office. 

Add Floating Shelves

You can add shelves to keep all the files and tools in one place. The floating ones are light and have a neater look. You can add a couple of them to keep the clutter off the table. 

Put Calendar on the Wall

This one is especially useful for visual people. Put the planner on the wall to be aware of the workload and deadlines. 

Set Digital Space

Office workers have separate computers for professional activity. And at home, they have another one for other things. But in the case of remote performance, it is usually not possible. So you can create a separate account for work on the laptop, for instance. 

Or you can change how you place it depending on the purpose. When it is on the desk it is a job-related one. When it is on the sofa – it is for leisure. 

Personalize It

Decluttering doesn’t mean it has to be empty. You need to feel comfortable here, so add some little things for personalization. It can be a decor piece, a framed picture, or a favorite tea mug. 

Manage the Cables

A lot of people disregard cable management. However, it helps to keep everything neatly in place and safe. Take your time to organize the cables ergonomically. 

Get Some Plants

Indoor plants help to make an office pleasant and welcoming. They are perfect for a color accent. And they’ll keep the air clean and fresh, so there are no downsides at all. 

Dress Up

There is no need to put the suit on. Yet, it is crucial to separate work clothes from loungewear. The human brain thrives on routines and habits. This will set you in the right mood and help to stay focused. Also, maintain your working hours as well as breaks. 

In Summary 

Remote employment comes with a lot of benefits. Yet, it requires a strict work and life separation in terms of schedule, space, and ethics. With these tips, you’ll be able to arrange your house office perfectly. 


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