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Inkjet printers can be extremely affordable — some models are sold for under £100. However, the ink they need is one of the most precious liquids in the world. Original supplies from Canon, HP, or Brother are never cheap, and customers are understandably looking for something better. The aftermarket and the compatible industry cater to their needs. Follow our guide to start saving on ink the right way.

Fed up With Expensive Printer Ink? We Have a Solution

You Can Save a Lot! 

Prices vary dramatically depending on the printer model. One of the most impressive examples is HP 953xl from Smart Ink. This pack of compatible cartridges is sold for just under £42. Not only does HP sell its pack for £95.99 — it also prints half as many pages. 

The first concern many consumers have is, “will this cartridge damage my printer?” If you have bought it from a well-established store, it won’t. If compatible cartridges did not work, this industry would have ceased to exist long ago! Here are the key things to know about it:

  • These products are 100% original: Compatible cartridges are not counterfeit as they do not replicate OEM design or performance. Independent brands develop their own products for popular printers and fill them with their own ink. 
  • They are 100% legal: Legislation in the UK and other countries prohibits printer manufacturers from punishing customers for using non-OEM supplies. Your warranty will still be in force. Big brands can only make recommendations.
  • Quality is often (but not always) excellent: Reliable suppliers comply with international quality standards like ISO, CE, and STMC. They also test all products before shipping and have transparent return policies. If your shop is really trustworthy, its Trustpilot ratings will confirm this.
  • Some brands are better than others: Some suppliers have let customers down, so a bit of due diligence is a must. Find out about the background, reputation, and competitive advantages of your potential provider.
  • Sustainability: Like big printer brands, producers of compatible cartridges have adopted eco-friendly practices. For example, their products are either recyclable or already recycled (remanufactured).
Fed up With Expensive Printer Ink? We Have a Solution

Follow Installation Instructions Carefully

Like OEM cartridges, compatible products require careful installation. They have sensitive electronic elements that must never be touched. When replacing a cartridge, avoid touching its copper-coloured contacts or chip. 

Bottom Line

The global economy provides an abundance of choices, and printer ink is no exception. Nothing can stop you from purchasing cheaper compatible products of certified quality. You will make savings on every replacement. Over the course of a year, this amount may grow to hundreds of pounds or even thousands! 

Lazy customers can continue splurging on OEM ink. But a bit of research is all you need to find a great third-party brand!

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