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Going for a long drive makes you think of an amazing experience with miles of open road and a clear blue sky with no inconveniences such as having a car breakdown amidst nowhere. Therefore, to ensure you have a smooth experience, tyre checks should be your top approach towards your long trip.

Check out tyre pressure

Blown out tyres are the most common problems cars experience on a long drive. Thus it’s essential to look for punctures that can cause the tyre to lose air over time or encounter underinflation. This is because a tyre with loose pressure build-up heat leading to its breakdown. To have your tyres service for a long time, you have to maintain correct pressure levels. Get your tyres fitted in Pontefract at Ossett Tyre House 01924271081. 

Monitor tyre sidewalls

Tyres can suffer bulges and cuts if they encounter curbs, unfriendly objects and potholes in the road. These hazards raise a lot of concerns for your safety, therefore replace them in case of these abnormalities. Getting quality tyres free of damages for your long drive is worth everything for a long drive.

Check worn spots and tread depth

To ensure you’re safe for the long trip, check for uneven tyre wear to assess any associated problem. Worn tyres put you at great risk as they make it hard to stop especially in bad weather such as snow and rain. Treadwear may be due to aggressive driving, misalignment or incorrect tyre pressure. Know if they can be replaced by new ones for effective driving.

Assess the age of the tyre

Tyres are manufactured hence they have a date code which is a requirement by the law. It is advisable that after six years to replace your tyres despite them being worn out. That is why it’s important to check your tyres date code and estimate how long you’ve used them and get new ones if they are old.

Final thoughts

If you want a smooth long drive, get your tyres fixed and fit!

4 Important Tyre Checks before planning a long drive

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