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Who doesn’t love a baby freebie? When you become pregnant and have your baby you become very interested in brands who sell baby items and offer baby discounts. It’s even better finding free goodies for you and your baby.

There are loads of ways to get baby discounts and freebies sent right to your door. 

We’ve put together a list of ways to get freebies and discounts as a new mother. It could be hampers sent to your door or boxes. Let’s find out. 

Sign up for marketing promotions to enjoy a free baby box

There are loads of companies out there that offer a baby box for free that is filled with loads of goodies. It might have free samples, coupons and deals. It might have other promotions too. It may ask you to sign up for marketing promotions but it’s worth it when you get the chance to enjoy a free baby box. 

Baby Registry Set Up

This is a fantastic way to enjoy baby discounts, gifts and more from retailers when you’re due to give birth. It’s also great as it lets family and friends know what to purchase for you and baby. A registry set up means you can earn rewards and other free baby stuff.  Companies can send a welcome pack of goodies too. 

Enjoy freebies from family and friends

This is often overlooked by new mums but one way to enjoy baby stuff for free is through friends and family. Babies may only use certain things once or twice so they are usually as good as new for a long period of time. This means older mums are happy to give away items to new mums. 

Top 10 Ways To Enjoy Baby Freebies & Discounts As A New Mum

Check in with friends and family if they have anything or know people who are looking to get rid of older baby stuff. It could be cribs, prams or clothes. All the pennies matter when starting a family so every free item could make a difference. Anyway, you’re helping friends out by making space in their home. 

You could also get items discounted if you’re not willing to ask for them to give items away for free. It could be awkward so saying you would pay avoids this. Anyway, for a good used item you’re still saving money. 

It is also vital to do background checks to make sure any items that you are gifted don’t have any safety glitches.

Ask for Baby Formula Samples

This is another strategy overlooked. Formula can become expensive over time. So asking for baby formula samples from the hospital, paediatrician and supermarkets should be considered. This is good for you and baby too as you find out your babies preferences of formula as they can be fussy at times. By contacting companies directly through their website they can offer free samples by signing up to a mailing list. 

Get free diapers

Getting free diapers in the form as of free baby stuff is easy. It’s just about doing the proper research to get the ball rolling.  By joining reward programs, mailing lists of diaper companies like Huggies or requesting free samples directly are a few ways of getting free diapers for your baby. 

Request baby samples directly

By signing up for manufacturers mailing lists they will offer free samples. Whether that’s wipes, medicine, formulas or anything else for that matter. Be even more bold by calling the customer services department of these companies saying you’re really keen to try their products. If you have a big social following this could be another way to get a constant funnel of free baby stuff.  As mentioned by asking the hospital or pediatrician for free samples that they recommend is another avenue too. 

These are some of the best ways to enjoy free baby stuff that in the long run saves you money and lets you spend more on experiences for you and your baby to enjoy.  Whether that’s requesting free baby stuff and samples directly from the manufacturer and companies. Or signing up to marketing lists to enjoy a free baby box. Other clever ways could be to sign up for a baby registry, asking the hospital for free samples. One final way is to get discounted products from family or friends. Just make sure things like prams are safety checked.

Top 10 Ways To Enjoy Baby Freebies & Discounts As A New Mum


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