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Decorating your family home is a lifelong process; striking a balance between practicality and perfection is not always easy, and with new changes coming with each passing day, it can be difficult to stick to the vision you have in mind for your home.

Of course, the best kind of family home is one that creates a nurturing environment in which to raise your kids — something that feels lived-in and cosy, but is also creative and stimulating. If you’re struggling to find this balance, then read on. Here are some decorating tips for creating a
cosy family home.

Colour Schemes

This is something to be mindful of when designing your family home. It’s proven that colour schemes can have an impact on mood and mental wellbeing, so you’ll want to incorporate colours that stimulate a positive psychological response in your children. Avoid darker hues and opt for brighter colours that bring warmth and light to the rooms. Red, for example, can provoke agitated emotional responses. Blue, on the other hand, is linked to providing a sense of security and encouraging productivity. So, the latter of these two would be better for creating a
cosy family home.

Wallpaper and Flooring

This point continues in a similar vein. However, wallpaper and flooring can not only alter the mood of a room but also significantly boost its aesthetic appeal. Therefore, it’s important to take your time when choosing them for your family home. We recommend light-coloured walls without conflicting patterns. Darker tones can make rooms feel small and oppressive, whilst
patterned wallpaper can sometimes look gaudy and be overstimulating. For the floors, we think solid wood flooring is a good choice. Not only is this practical for cleaning up messes, but it can also bring warmth and a cottage-like cosiness to any room. Furthermore, solid wood flooring
adds a certain elegance to the home. Therefore, it’s the perfect choice for parents who want their home to be child-proof but still look beautiful.


You must adopt the following mindset when decorating your family home: accidents are an inevitability. Rather than spending a fortune on a new sofa, we recommend you dress up your living spaces with cushions, throws, houseplants and other decorative ornaments. These are inexpensive in comparison to new furniture and can still completely revolutionise a room.

Cushions or throws can interject colour and comfort; houseplants can breathe life and freshness into your home, thereby cultivating a nurturing environment. Moreover, an ornament can be anything, from lampshades to framed drawings. Whatever encourages creativity and matches the rest of the room is best. Plus, if any of these items are damaged, it’s not the end of the world. Having a cosy family home is mainly about creating a space where your children feel safe to make mistakes.

Follow these simple decorating tips and you’ll find your home is much cosier, and much more sophisticated and family-friendly. It’s all about colours and comfort, whilst still interjecting elements of stylishness and practicality.


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