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Creating the perfect nursery for your child can be a fun but challenging task. You want to create a safe, comfortable, and above all — baby-friendly space. There are plenty of considerations that need to be made when arranging a nursery for your child, from adding pieces of furniture like a tallboy chest of drawers, lighting, and toys to storage options and decorations. Neglecting any of these factors can result in a less than ideal environment for your baby. The good news is that with the right information and insights, planning the perfect nursery doesn’t have to be problematic or overwhelming! 

Decide on the theme and colour scheme

The first step in creating a nursery is figuring out what theme you would like to go with. This can be based on your child’s name, the season they were born in, or even their astrological sign. You can also choose to base the theme on your current home’s design. The color scheme should be developed as part of the theme. The colors you select will have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the room. If your baby is a newborn, you will want to steer clear of bold and bright colors. Instead, opt for softer, muted tones until your little one is older and can better process strong and vibrant colors.

Baby furniture: The essentials

The industry for baby furniture is massive, and there are many furniture choices available to you: 

  • Cribs: You must carefully select the crib that you want to use for your baby based on their age, weight, and the safety standards they are held to. Nowadays luxury cribs UK come in many different styles, colors, and designs. While they all serve the same function, they aren’t created equally. You must select a high-quality crib that is safe for your child. 
  • Changing tables: The majority of parents use changing tables as a place to change their childrens’ diapers. This is especially important for parents who have little ones in diapers for longer periods. 
  • Swings/bouncer: These are great for newborns and infants who are not yet strong enough to move around on their own. They can help calm and soothe your baby.

Storage options in a nursery

One of the crucial aspects of creating a child-friendly room is providing them with enough storage and organization options. You want to ensure that all of your child’s essentials are easily accessible and organized. This helps to save time and allows you to worry less about where everything is, so you will have more energy for enjoying your little one. 

Many storage options can be used in a nursery. You can choose to go with traditional cabinets or drawers or find more creative and modern solutions among luxury children’s furniture. Here are some storage options you can consider for your nursery: 

  • Nooks and crannies: Creating little nooks and crannies in your nursery is a great way to hide away extra items while still making them easily accessible. 
  • Cabinets and shelves: These are classic and effective storage solutions. You can select open shelves or closed cabinets to store items like toys, books, and clothes. 
  • Under-bed storage: This is a great solution for storing larger items and keeping them out of sight.

Pick the perfect flooring

The flooring you select for your nursery is a crucial decision. There are a few things that you want to keep in mind when selecting the perfect flooring for your nursery:

  • Child-safe flooring: It can withstand being walked on, stepped on, and played on by your little one when they are crawling and walking. 
  • Easy to clean: The flooring in your child’s room will be walked on and, more than likely, spilled on numerous times throughout the day. You want to ensure that it can be easily cleaned to avoid spending too much time on it. 
  • Looks great: Even though the flooring needs to be durable and safe, you also want it to look great.

Lighting and windows

Natural lighting is best, but if your nursery doesn’t get enough natural light, you will need to supplement with artificial lighting. There are many types of lighting to choose from, including lamps, pendants, track lighting, and more. If you opt for pendant lights or track lighting in your nursery, ensure they are high enough that they do not pose a potential hazard to your child. 

It is also crucial to select the correct wattage for the bulbs you use. It is best to select a wattage that is slightly lower than what is recommended. This will ensure the light is not too bright for your little one but will still provide enough light to be beneficial to them and make the room look appealing.

Activities and toys for your little one’s nursery

Once you have the furniture, flooring, and lighting in place, it is time to select the activities and toys for your child’s nursery. This will help them learn and grow while providing them with entertainment. 

The activities and toys you select should be age appropriate and safe for your little one. You also want to ensure they do not clutter the room too much. Having too many toys in one space can make the room look messy. Here are some options to consider for your child’s nursery: 

  • A small slide is a great toy and activity for a baby’s room. 
  • Having a reading nook in your child’s room is a great way to encourage reading. It also provides a comfortable, quiet space for them to relax and read. 
  • Rattles are a great toy for babies to learn how to shake and grab things with their hands. 

Understanding safety in child-only rooms

As you begin to develop a plan for your child’s nursery, you want to create a space your little one can explore and be curious about. You will also want to ensure your child’s room is free from potential hazards. This can include removing or purchasing furniture with loose pieces, having rugs free from shag, and ensuring that your little one cannot reach things above their head. You will also want to ensure your child’s room is properly ventilated and there is no possibility of overheating.


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