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We’ve now been at home for over seven weeks and in some ways we’re in a really good routine and in others we are finding it all quite tough. But, throughout it all there is one thing that is always consistent – Little Man’s constant chatter.

I don’t think I realised before lockdown how much Little Man talks. He has to be talking all the time. If he isn’t talking he’s humming, singing, tapping or even counting.

This talking is cute and most of it is educational. He’ll do sums out loud or ask us sums, he’ll spell words or he’ll play out stories out loud. But there are times where it can get too much. Where he’s been talking solidly for an hour and we just need silence. Where we’re trying to focus on something and he’s humming Christmas songs.

At those times he’ll have a little internal battle with himself to be quiet and he’ll generally last about 12 seconds before he’ll start humming again. Or, if he manages to be quiet for longer he’ll suddenly announce that he was quiet for 120 seconds – filling the silence by counting in his head.

Little Man is the cutest. He has the nicest personality and he makes us laugh so much. But oh my gosh he can talk. It’s so funny the things that only come out because of lockdown!

The Ordinary Moments

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  1. Bless that is cute, but I can imagine it is grating after a while. It’s amazing the things we have learned since lockdown it really is. My oldest is like that. If he’s not talking, he’s moving, humming & just doesn’t sleep. It’s more noticeable since we’ve all been home. Although we knew it was there, it’s when your focussing it gets hard. They are who they are & we wouldn’t change them, but an off switch just for a few minutes in these trying times would be good xx

  2. I miss the chatterbox days! My kids have always got headphones on and it’s rare to get anything but the occasional giggle from them. I love the rainbow umbrella 🙂

  3. Oh bless him, my son is constantly talking and half the time I don’t think he knows what he wants to say, just likes to chat

  4. Awe that is such a lovely trait, I understand how it can quickly become a problem after hours of constant noise.
    I think my son is quite similar and is always talking although some of the time it is just in his head and he has to be thinking about something constantly, the only reprieve is if they are watching TV which we try to limit.

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