Princess Slippers {The Ordinary Moments}

LP thinks she is a princess. Or a pirate. Depending on which day you see her. She loves all things princessy and loves dressing up in princess dresses complete with princess slippers – or glass slippers – thanks Cinderella!

I don’t know what it is about LP and glass slippers but every pair of shoes she owns are glass slippers to her and she loves nothing more than having ‘proper’ glass slippers to totter around in.

When LP puts glass slippers on she is Cinderella or whatever princess she loves the most at that moment. She’ll walk around, dance and sing all in full on princess mode and her little shoes will click click on the floor as she moves around.

I’ve written before about gender stereotypes with toys and how we haven’t pushed pink and girly things on LP at all – pretty much the opposite, and yet she still loves all things pink and princessy. To be honest, there isn’t much cuter than  seeing LP dressed in her princess outfit, knowing that in her head she is Cinderella for the day.

I’m sure LP will be squeezing her feet into glass slippers for years to come.

Princess Slippers {The Ordinary Moments}

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  1. So cute! I love that LP thinks she is a princess. I have a big girl who thinks she is a boy- she won’t wear dresses, she hates princesses, she wants to wear ‘boy trousers’ all the time and likes all the boy toys at the supermarket. I have no idea where it has come from but like you say, I don’t want to stereotype her so I am letting her get on with it. There’s a part of me that wishes she loved a good Disney princess though! 😉 x

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