20 Months and 13 Days

Today Little Man is 20 months and 13 days old. Very specific I know and it probably has not much relevance to anyone else but to us this day is so symbolic. Today, Little Man is exactly half his sister’s age. Today, Little Man is as old as his sister was when he came into the world. He is the age that LP was when she became a big sister, when she stopped being an only child and when her whole life changed.

20 Months and 13 Days

Looking at Little Man now, saying a few words, getting the change mat out when he needs a nappy change, taking us into the kitchen when he wants something to eat it is hard to imagine him becoming a big brother today. He still seems like such a baby, there is still so much he doesn’t know and there is still so much that he needs constant help with.

Thinking back it is hard to imagine LP ever being so young and definitely not being so young and becoming a big sister. She has come so far since Little Man was born and seemed to grow up overnight, turning from that toddler that Little Man clearly still is, into a proper little person, gaining independence almost daily and trying to help with everything.

I am in no rush for Little Man to grow up, he can stay in his happy toddler-dom for a long time to come. He can also keep napping as LP stopped the instant he was born and we all appreciate Little Man’s nap time each day. 20 months and 13 days is definitely too young to stop having a nap!

But it is obviously not too young to become a big sister, and a pretty fantastic one at that. It feels like Little Man has always been in our lives. Little Man completed our family and the four of us work perfectly together.


  • Donna Wishart

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  1. Oh wow what a lovely milestone! It’s crazy how fast this time has gone – they’ll all be 2 before we know it!
    And yes. I think they should all still nap until they’re at school haha xxx

  2. What a lovely post Donna. It’s amazing how you can suddenly see your kids in a different light, isn’t it. My Bean turned two a few days ago and he seems SO big to me but I know that he’s still teeny tiny really. I’m definitely in no hurry for him to grow up either!

  3. I find I remember lots of these milestones. I think of how old my younger children are now, and how ‘old’ I consider them to be, and look at what the older children were doing at that age – moving house, holidays and birthdays, and it really does measure time and give a fascinating comparison 🙂

  4. Oh i love the photo so adorable. My little two are close in age too and i want to keep my little boy little for as long as possible ( probably because he is my last) Totally agree 20 months is to young to stop napping my daughter is the same age and i want her to carry on her afternoon nap for as long as possible x

  5. Ok, so I’m a little freaked out. I did some maths after reading this post and yesterday (i.e. the day of posting, 23/01) was also the day that Lydia is half of Georgie’s age. Georgie was 21 months & 26 days when Lydia was born, and she was 21 months & 26 days old yesterday. What a weird co-incidence!

    I think that becoming a big sister must give a huge leap in age perception/behaviour in a way. Georgie definitely seemed a lot older as soon as she was a big sister, and she was so keen to help look after her baby sister and fetch things like nappy supplies and so on. A sense of responsibility early on for a younger sister or brother, that their younger sibling won’t have, must shape their development so much.

    Such a lovely post, I love that photo!

  6. That picture is just beyond cute! I can’t imagine how you coped with two under two though – Donna the super-mum! (P.S. I could have sworn I commented on this post already but I guess I mustn’t have!)

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