Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller Review

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We haven’t used double strollers in quite a while now, since we started using a buggy board. But there are times when LP can’t walk very far, where she tires easily and where I end up pushing Little Man in the pushchair whilst giving LP a piggy back. When Joie got in contact to introduce us to their Joie Aire Twin Stroller I thought it would be a solution on our tiring days out.

Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller Review
Joie Aire Twin Lightweight Double Stroller

What were our first impressions of the Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller?

The Joie Aire Twin comes near enough ready to use – you just have to fit the wheels and storage basket in place. From the minute the wheels were on I was impressed with how easy it was to move. It has the smallest turning circle I have ever seen on a side by side pushchair. The wheels are swivel wheels but can also be fixed in place to suit however you use the twin buggy.

Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller Review
Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller in use

What features does the Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller have?

I was impressed with the Joie double pram immediately and loved all the features on it. It’s got a one handed fold and it stayed upright once folded. The one hand fold is a complete revelation and amazing when dealing with young children. It has a HUGE shopping basket and the windows in the hoods were tinted to stop the glare from the sun.

Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller Review
The Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller basket
Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller Review
The Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller folded and freestanding
Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller Review
The windows in the Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller hoods

I also loved the way the back cover of the pushchair could be fastened out of the way so you can keep an eye on the children if they were sleeping. Plus, the seat units were easy to recline and move back into a sitting position, giving a lot of options to make sure the kids have a comfortable ride.

Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller Review
Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller

This Joie double buggy has independently reclining seats too so you can have the children in different positions yet still side by side in the double pushchair. Having both seats recline independently is fantastic and one more thing that we love about this pushchair! Individually adjustable seats should be a thing on all twin buggies.

Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller Review
Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller reclined
Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller Review
Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller harness
Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller Review
Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller handlebar

The Joie Aire Twin comes complete with reversible seat liners, blue on one side and pink on the other. The Joie Aire Twin Stroller blue pink seats won’t be to everyone’s taste. But LP loves having a pink seat and Little Man loves having a blue seat too. I gave them the option of having the other colour but they chose the seats themselves. It definitely makes a great change to a plain black stroller.

Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller Review
Using the Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller

The children love the new pushchair. They’re comfortable in the Joie twin stroller seats and even with LP being nearly four – although petite – she fits well into the seat with a lot of room and can put her feet comfortably on the foot rest. The seats also have a leg rest that can be up or down.

The safety harness is a 5 point harness system with three heights. This works well and is really easy to adjust. My only criticism is that the padded bits on the adjustable harness come off far too easily. The pushchair doesn’t come with a footmuff but it is cosy toes compatible and you could use pretty much any premium footmuff with it.

How does the twin pushchair compare to other pushchairs?

Joie Aire Twin Strollers aren’t travel systems – you can’t attach car seats to it for little ones. But it’s just the double buggy we need for our family on a day to day basis with two children. This would be a fantastic cheap double buggy for twins or for children of different ages.

It can’t compare to a mountain buggy or any other off road pushchair. It wouldn’t be the best choice in baby strollers – check out this article if that’s what you were looking for. But, for two children who can sit unaided it’s a really great option for a tandem pushchair.

Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller Review
Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller

Overall what did we think of the Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller?

I have loved using this pushchair and know that it will feature on our days out until the children no longer fit in it. That won’t be for a while yet. It comes with a rain cover, the hoods give great coverage and it’s suitable from newborn. They are also really lightweight double buggies and not at all flimsy.

If I could change one thing about this pushchair it would be to make it slightly narrower. It doesn’t fit through my front or back door at home but the product definitely ticks every other box.

The Joie Aire Twin has an RRP of £170.00 and they now also have the Joie Evalite Duo lightweight stroller which looks great if you’d rather have one child in front of the other. 

Joie Aire Twin Double Stroller Review


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  1. This looks like a great option for two older children. I’d love to know how it would handle with a baby and a toddler. LM has reclaimed our pushchair from her brother, typically, so we’re managing with a carrier and the pram most of the time. A good double may well have to be added to the shopping list.

    1. It doesn’t go completely reclined but very, very nearly. I’m not sure there’s enough padding/support to be used from newborn but I think it would be great from a few months old x

    2. I have used this buggy from my son being newborn with his 2year old sis and it’s a God send as my daughter can’t walk very far without getting tired and my son seems to be very comfortable. One thing I did do was i bought a cosy toes for my sons side with him being so small just to add extra comfort but it’s definitely worth the price.

      1. Hi, what cosy toes did you use? I’m having a look around for a suitable pushchair and this seems the best value and it’s lightweight. I’m trying to find something to make the newborn side more comfortable. thank you in advance x

  2. This looks great, and such amazing value for a double. My double pushchair has just broken this week when we were out miles from home , I am really hoping it can be fixed as we have only had it almost a year. This looks so much smaller then mine when folded and I love that it has a big shopping basket as mine is tiny xx

  3. I’m looking for a double buggy for my 3 month old and two and a half year old. I thought I could manage without but my little girl is proving me wrong at the moment! My main query is, how well does it fit into the boot of the car? I have a Citroen c4 and the boot is fairly average I would say.

    1. It’s about 1.5x as wide as a standard stroller – and folds the same way too so pretty good for fitting in the boot. We had a Ford Focus at the time and didn’t have any problem with it x

  4. Someone above said that they don’t think it would be suitable from newborn… I’d just like to say that I have purchased a newborn support (for the sake of £10 it was worth a go!) for ours and it’s perfect with it. 🙂

  5. Hello, thanks so much for your review! I would like to buy ithis stroller for my 20-month-old boy and his 6-month-old brother. However, I need to make sure before I buy it: I wonder whether the seats are more flat, or rather round and more independent, so as the baby can sit more like “in” rather than just lean against? I am asking because the younger boy needs something at his sides as he cannot sit upright yet, so the more “round 3D profile” would definitely help… Whereas if the seats were more flat and sort of like one extended seat, that would be a problem. Having said that, he can sit in a single stroller with no problem as he is sort of tucked in the seat. What do you reckon? Any thoughts? I would appreciate your advice. Thanks:-)

    1. The seats are pretty flat, rather than rounded but when strapped in he would stay pretty upright. The seats can recline independently too so may be happier to keep his seat slightly reclined until he can sit by himself? This will be a perfect pushchair for you in a couple of months but it may not give the full support he needs in the interim unless reclined. I hope that helps! x

      1. Yes, that is really helpful! Thank you so much for your time. Again, the review was pretty helpful, too. Thanks:-)

  6. We bought this on the weekendfor our 2yr old twins as sometimes they get tired walking distances. I can’t believe how light it is to push in comparison with some other double strollers. Only wish we had bought this some time ago!

  7. This looks great, I have 5 month old twins, and a nearly 2 year old! Do you think there is anything available for him to sit/ride on? Thank you x

  8. Do you know if this buggy would fit on a bus? We have a car but for a change of scenery we sometimes like to use the bus.
    Many Thanks

  9. Hi there, great review. No2 is due in June when No1 will be 23 months and we’re pretty sure we’re going to get this. The only thing I’m wondering is what do you do with a nappy bag? Don’t want to use up precious basket space and want everything to be handy, so this is my only concern.

    1. You can get big clips to attach nappy bags to the bar of the pushchair but we either put the bag in the basket – it is a really roomy basket – or carry the bag as we have a backpack style one x

  10. Can you fit a car seat to this pram? As it handy at times to click the car seat in, as my double pram is too heavy and to hard to push! If you can do you no if a graco seat fits?

  11. Hiya i really want this pram but my 2 year old is really tall so i struggle to find a seat unit big enough for him. i have tried finding the measurements for the seat such as the back rest but cant find any. does anyone know the measurements for the seat unit please? I would go to the nearest place to try him in one but at the moment no one has one on display.

    1. I would advise you to contact Joie direct. If you tweet them or contact them on Facebook I’m sure they can send measurements across. For reference, we only stopped using this recently with a four and five year old. They still fit easily into the seats but we just didn’t need it anymore.

      1. I contacted Joie directly this morning and was told to go to my nearest supplier and measure it because they don’t have the internal seat measurements. But if a five year old would fit I’m sure my 2 year old would. Well hopefully

          1. Lovely my little boy is around 90cms so I’m sure he should fit. Thank you so much

  12. Hi, would this be suitable for a newborn and can I buy a newborn insert to put in? Also is there any Cosey toes that are compatable? Thank you

    1. Hi, it’s suitable from birth however it uses the harness and so I don’t think I would be happy using it with a newborn. There isn’t an official cosy toes and we didn’t use one so I can’t recommend any other brand ones sadly.

      1. i brought this double buggy for our newborn and 16 month old. still using it now and they are 2 and 3. love this pram.
        We brought an insert from mothercare for the newborn, its fleece material and only came in cream, i cant remember the full name, ‘summer’ something, although being fleece it was fine throughout winter (she was a December baby) . the cosy toes were purchased off ebay, a universal one that suited all prams

  13. We also have this, and as one of our passengers isn’t a walker yet, it makes it incredibly difficult that it doesn’t fit through the communal enterance door. I have to juggle holding the heavy door open, whilst holding my baby, and folding down the pram. It’s also frustrating that there is no clip to hold it together when folded, and no standing foot. Having a slim folded pram is all very well, but if it won’t stand up, then you essentially just have a very wide trip hazard taking up just as much floor space as when it’s unfolded.

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