Siblings {December 2015}

This month has passed by in a complete blur – a blur of Christmas preparation and being so busy none of us has had much time to sit still or even think. It’s been the best kind of crazy but because of that we don’t have many decent photos – especially not the matching elf outfit kind from last month.

So these photos were all taken at home – the place we have spent most of our time in the calm between days out and plans. LP and Little Man love time at home, watching TV, relaxing and playing games.

Siblings {December 2015}

This month LP and Little Man have spent about as much time together as they have apart with LP’s school hours taking up so much of the week. They are getting closer as the weeks go by though and it’s nice that they are getting to an age where they can really play together – it’s lovely to see.

Siblings {December 2015}

This Christmas will be our first proper one where the children can both get involved and appreciate everything. For me, the year rolls around to Christmas and it’s the peak of my year, a huge highlight that is the cherry on the top of what has been a great year. I cannot wait for this Christmas and until then we will be having more time at home but also lots and lots of festive things planned too – with LP and Little Man getting to enjoy them together. I can’t wait.

Siblings {December 2015}

This time of year, the last month of the year and the last Siblings post of 2015 gives me a chance to reflect on the year gone by. What better way to do that than by sharing my Siblings photos from January. How much have they grown? I love Little Man’s chubby little face!

Siblings {December 2015}
Siblings {December 2015}


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  1. My goodness, they’ve grown up so much in a year. As you say, your little man has lost that cubby faced toddler look. And I love that your two always look like such good play mates in photos, like a proper little team. So cute. And well done on doing Siblings 2015, will I see you back joining in next year? x

    1. Definitely! It’s one of my favourite linkies – and forces me to take photos of the children together (even if they are on the sofa indoors and not exciting at all!) 🙂 Thanks for hosting x

  2. I’m glad it’s not just me that feels a bit swamped and surprised to find it’s the middle of December. I’m so glad to read that LP’s school time isn’t affecting how close your little ones are.
    They really have changed so much haven’t they!

  3. As you know, I love reading your sibling posts. I always have. It’s so lovely to see how close they are and how they’ve changed over the year. Though, I can’t work out how the year is even at the end already?! xx

  4. This Christmas will be so exciting for you with the both of them really knowing what is happening. It’s lovely to see them playing together and I bet that break while LP is at school is good for both of them, they’ll have all the more fun when they are together! xx

  5. It is amazing to look back over the year and really see how much they’ve changed, isn’t it 🙂 I’ve loved doing this project this year! It sounds like you’ve already been having a wonderful December, hope you have an amazing Christmas too x

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