Crossing Legs {The Ordinary Moments}

Children learn so much from their parents and the world around them, mannerisms, ways of pronouncing words, accents, hand gestures. Every little action and word that comes from a child they have learnt from somewhere and the one thing that LP does that makes me smile every time is the way that she crosses her legs when she’s relaxing and watching TV.

LP doesn’t even know she’s doing it. She sits down, in her own little world and at some point will cross her legs. It’s so simple and yet shows how content she is. It’s also something that neither Dave or I do. I have no idea where she has learnt it from or whether she has just found it comfortable by herself. Whatever it is I think it’s a pose that is here to stay. LP and her little crossed legs.

Crossing Legs {The Ordinary Moments}

7 thoughts on “Crossing Legs {The Ordinary Moments}”

  1. How very grown-up! You’re totally right about kids adopting mannerisms, and many a time I’ve seen my own reflected in M’s and I’ve had to stop and think: oh wow, do I really do that? and the answer is, of course, usually yes. I would love to know where LP picked this up though!


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