Siblings {March 2015}

This has been a busy month with not a huge amount of family time but a few days here and there as a family. One thing this month has brought is nicer weather and a few days in the garden with the children playing and Dave or I able to relax a little bit whilst they play.

Little Man can do a lot of what his sister does now and follows her around copying her and sharing her toys. He’ll try and play with her as much as he can and as long as LP’s patience holds out they do play well together and it’s love to see.

Siblings {March 2015}

LP and Little Man also play imaginary games together like pirates, doctors and anything else that LP feels like that day. Role play games are featuring quite heavily at the moment and it’s great to see both their imaginations develop.

Siblings {March 2015}

This month Little Man has cemented his role as a proper little boy in our family, walking more, holding hands and not wanting to sit in the pushchair much at all. His vocabulary is also coming on massively and he’s able to ask for a lot of things and if we don’t understand LP tries to help with translation too.

Siblings {March 2015}

LP and Little Man don’t often annoy each other now, and playing definitely outweighs the arguments and frustrations. Most days are full of playing happily together and Little Man does miss his sister when she’s at preschool, looking forward to picking her up at lunch. I’m enjoying this routine and will carry on enjoying it until it all changes with LP starting school in September – I’m hoping the absence then will just make LP and Little Man more eager to play together when they do see each other. Time will tell!

Siblings {March 2015}


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  1. Oh Donna this is such a gorgeous collection. Aren’t we lucky now the weather is changing. I just love watching the children play outside xx

  2. This is so sweet, sounds like they are really starting to enjoy having each other now. I am looking forward to that with our boys, at the moment Lucas is trying to get them to roleplay but then when they just do what they want he gets frustrated! Will be nice when they are all that bit older xx

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