Siblings {September 2014}

This month has been a great month for us as a family and a great month for LP and Little Man. We have had as many days out as we can squeeze in between both Dave and I’s working hours and this has given the children a lot of time to play together and experience new things.

We are now really starting to see the bond between LP and Little Man – he has always clearly adored LP, follows her around, gives her cuddles and tries to be as close to her as possible constantly. When she isn’t around he wonders where she is, if her car seat is empty he keeps looking over to it and he is always so much happier when she’s around.

LP on the other hand has always tolerated her brother or treated him with indifference. She has spent most of his life so far being either not bothered by him or getting annoyed that he’s there, in her space or playing with her toys – “Not Yours!!!” is a shout we hear from her often.

But now LP and LM do play together if we guide them. They love to play tea parties or drawing together and they’re happy to watch TV in companionable silence. Seeing LP’s tolerance turn to affection and watch her pass toys to her brother, blow him kisses or happily sit next to him on the sofa are moments we savour.

This month’s photo was taken on LP’s 3rd Birthday a few days ago and shows LP’s personality, Little Man’s sense of adventure and their new found love of playing together. I hope that every month can now be as lovely as this month has been!

Siblings {September 2014}


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  1. I found that once things reached that point they just kept on getting better and now I spend most of the day enjoying watching my two play together nicely, of course they have their moments but it’s a breakthrough after having such a tough first year! x

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