Siblings {February 2017}

This month has been such a lovely month. Well, it’s been full of house chaos, plastering and a sickness bug but the children have, aside from that, had a lovely month together.

Siblings {February 2017}

We have had so many little adventures this month. Nothing big just days in the garden, trips to soft play and out to see friends. It has been a month of togetherness and one that LP and Little Man have really enjoyed.

Siblings {February 2017}

The children have spent the whole of this month at school but have made the most of the evenings and weekends – playing games together, making Lego together and watching movies together.

I say it every month but they really are the best of friends and their relationship just keeps getting better as the months go by. Over the last month LP has slept in Little Man’s room most nights – as she hasn’t had any plaster on her bedroom walls – and they have loved their sleepovers.

Some nights they’ve shared Little Man’s bed, topping and tailing, and other nights they have both slept on his floor in their blow up Ready Beds. Even something as simple as sleeping in an inflatable bed is such an adventure for them and I love that they both want to do the same thing – if LP wants to sleep in the inflatable bed then so will Little Man – leaving the comfort of his actual bed to sleep on the floor with his sister.

So a month of time together, building on their existing great relationship and just appreciating the little things. February really has been a nice month – now we’re all just looking forward to March and everything that spring brings with it.

Siblings {February 2017}

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  1. They seem like such a close little pair – how lovely that they want to do everything together! My younger sisters were like this when they were younger (and they still have sleepovers now as teenagers!) xx


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