Siblings {November 2019}

It feels like yesterday I was writing our last Siblings post. The weeks are flying by at the moment and LP and Little Man are loving having a slower pace over the autumn and winter, having time at home and just relaxing more.

That said, we have had a few adventures this month. We went to devon on a pretty unsuccessful half term break away which we ended up abandoning early. But, LP and Little Man loved it anyway. They didn’t complain and just loved having time together.

We went on two days out to the Big Sheep and the Milky Way adventure parks and this is the sort of simple fun the children really love. Animals, rides and soft play. It really is the simple things.

We also had a really lovely day out at our local Forestry Commission site – Alice Holt – and spent a really easy day at Birdworld. We went to Marwell Zoo for Halloween too and a local museum for Dave’s birthday. It’s been a pretty lovely month really.

The weather hasn’t felt too bad this month with plenty of dry days and just the temperature dropping considerably. It really feels like winter already! And now, we’re counting down to Christmas!

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