Siblings {January 2024}

My last siblings post feels like much longer ago than just a month. Why is it that January feels like the longest month ever?! It’s been a long, grey month but one that we have made the most of.

LP and Little Man have loved the slower pace that came with the festive season, the school holidays over Christmas and the wet, grey days of January. They really appreciate time at home and so we have had a lot of it over the last few weeks.

But, we have had some nice days out too – to the British Wildlife Centre, Farnborough Air Sciences Museum and a trip to the cinema to see Wonka on Christmas eve. Any day out is always better when LP and Little Man are together and I love how much they enjoy showing each other things and learning from each other.

Later this year Little Man will be joining LP at secondary school. They are both so happy at the thought of being back together again and I know that time can’t come soon enough for LP – although Little Man is a little apprehensive of the idea of secondary school. He’d happily stay at Primary School forever.

For now though they are both just enjoying the slower pace that the winter brings. Time together playing video games, board games as a family and watching movies. It’s time that we all really relish and appreciate.

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