Siblings {March 2021}

Another month of this gorgeous pair. I really don’t know where the years are going. They seem so grown up at the moment and I’m so glad I’ve always documented their relationship like this.

We haven’t done a huge amount this month due to lockdown but we have started to go on walks locally and try and spend more time outside now the weather’s cheering up a little.

LP and Little Man love outdoor adventures but one thing I’ve noticed over the pandemic is they don’t have the stamina they used to. They’re just not used to walking as much as they did before or doing as much activity. It’s something we’re working on improving.

A highlight of the children’s month was World Book Day, a few days before they went back to school. LP was Rapunzel and Little Man was Darth Vader. They’ve always loved dressing up together.

This month saw the children go back to school and they were both so excited. It’s as if nothing has changed. They wear PE kit on PE days, school uniform the rest of the time and they’re not allowed to take their own things into school – aside from a drinks cup and a healthy snack. But they’re happy. Life feels like it’s getting a bit brighter for them both and they’re rolling with it. I’m so proud of how they’ve managed over the last year.

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