Siblings {June 2020}

I can’t quite believe another month has passed since my last Siblings post. These lockdown months are flying by – each day is so long but each week and month goes so fast.

LP and Little Man are being absolute superstars where lockdown and school at home are concerned. They’re just getting on with it and they really enjoy the routine we’ve settled into.

We have school work each weekday and we have a deal that as soon as we’ve done it we can relax and do whatever we like for the rest of the day. But, they do their work as best they can, never rush through it, and then enjoy their free time afterwards. Not having a school run actually saves so much time each day, something we’re all appreciative of.

On a Friday, and often a Saturday too, they both enjoy movie night. They take it in turns to pick a movie, snuggle on the sofa bed together and eat sweets whilst laughing along. Their evenings are finished with a sleepover in each other’s rooms, giggling until way past their bedtime.

LP and Little Man continue to be the best of friends. They love each other, look out for each other, help each other and are just there for each other. I am still so thankful that during this time they have each other. Someone to help with school work, to play with, to be with and to talk to. I am sure that being siblings has made lockdown at least a little easier for them.

We have started going out at the weekends, paying for ticketed days out where we can guarantee social distance and the children love it. They love having glimpses of normal in our lives and being able to go for a walk, have a picnic and get fresh air is very much part of that.

But the rest of the week we spend at home. They play in the garden, read endless books, watch TV, help me with jobs around the house, bake, create and make up so many different games using only their imaginations. They are having a pretty great time at the moment and I’m so glad. I was worried that lockdown would be really hard for them but they have embraced it and are enjoying as much of it as they can.

The weather this month has been very hit and miss – blazing sunshine some days and thunderstorms the next. The paddling pool has been out at times and at others we’ve hibernated indoors. It’s definitely been a mixed bag.

But the one thing that has stayed consistent is LP and Little Man. Happy, carefree and just getting on with things. I think we could learn a lot from them and I’m definitely trying to take a leaf from their book.

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