Getting Over My Gym-Phobia with PureGym

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I had got to the age of thirty one having never been to a gym properly. I went to a handful of legs, bums and tums classes when we were planning our wedding and aside from that I had never been to a gym until very recently, when Natalie and I tried out one during our Holiday Inn stay.

There were times in my life up until now where I haven’t been able to afford gym membership and there have been times where I just haven’t had the time to go to the gym – juggling two children, work, a blog and my husband’s shifts. But even with these immediate excuses there has been something else holding me back, a deep set gym-phobia.

You see, I have always had this image of gyms being full of young, slim, fit people and the thought of exercising alongside these people was terrifying. But having now been to a small hotel gym I know that actually, the people that work in gyms are fit – as they have to be in their jobs – but the people that visit the gym are from all walks of life. People of any age need to exercise and people of any size want to get fitter.

With this in mind and with Little Man starting preschool in September I have decided it’s the perfect time to fight my gym-phobia and document my journey from being gym-phobic to, hopefully, going regularly and seeing improvements in my fitness, health and weight.

I have signed up to Pure Gym and will be going there a minimum of three times a week. It’s on my walk to work, on our walk to school and so easy to get to that I really have no excuses. Before Little Man starts school I’ll be going in the evenings, after work or once the kids are in bed around my husband’s shifts. I may even get up early to go in the morning before work too – but that really depends how into it I get – I know that right now I hang on to all the sleep I can get!

But once Little Man starts preschool I’ll be dropping the kids at school and then heading for the gym. I’m looking forward to going to exercise classes as well as running, cycling and rowing and looking forward to doing something for me. I’ll let you know how I get on.


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  1. Well done! I’m so glad you’re not worried about going to the gym anymore. Thanks for the mention too, that was the last time I went to the gym as well, I hope to have time to go a bit more regularly soon too.

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