Making Massage a Lifestyle Choice

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On Tuesday I went for my monthly massage at The Massage Company in Camberley. I’ve been going there each month since it opened last year – you can read the review of my first visit here. Whilst I was having my massage I took some time to reflect, not just on the massages but on how, at the start of a brand new year, I am so glad I made massage a regular part of my lifestyle.

I always feel so much better after a massage – relaxed, less stressed, more awake and revitalised. It also makes me feel taller and lighter which must be something to do with my muscles being generally happier.

It’s a time each month I look forward to and I always leave feeling like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and feeling like I’m ready for a brand new day, like everything is back in balance both physically and mentally.

But I am sure I am in the minority and most people still see massage as a luxury, like I used to. When will people start to see massage for the worthwhile lifestyle addition it actually is?

Everyone spends money on things they need – MOT for the car, car insurance, home insurance and boiler cover. They also send money on luxuries like nice nails and other beauty treatments or leisure centre passes and gym membership which are all things you could live without but they’re all lifestyle choices and things with clear benefits.

Pretty nails, waxing, expensive hair cuts and a spray tan always make people feel better about themselves, happier and more confident. They give you a boost and make a grey day so much brighter. It’s the same for the gym, swimming or exercise classes – the exercise makes you feel better, it might make you more toned or generally fitter and it all goes someday to improving your health too.

So why is massage not included in this? Massage has proven health benefits – not just the physical benefits of improving or relieving aches and pains but the invisible benefits like helping people to sleep better, relieving stress and tension and can help with anxiety and depression.

For me, massage is now one of those things that I’m happy to invest in to look after myself, having a little boost each month and helping me to regain focus, realign and feel so much better mentally and physically. For me, this is as important as going to gym – although, actually, I could save the gym membership and just go for a run. But, a massage? There is no alternative for me. There’s nothing else that gives me the same result – that monthly pick me up, ready to take on the world.

So, I really do think that massage should be part of a healthy lifestyle, something you invest in to feel better and there is no better time to make a positive lifestyle change than the start of a new year.


  • Donna Wishart

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  1. I love a massage I also used to have one every month, as well as reflexology. That was when I was earning quite a bit more. I couldn’t justify it anymore but I really wish I could. You really feel like a ‘new you’ after a massage, don’t you?

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