A Week on the SlimFast Challenge #SlimFastChallenge

I have been using SlimFast on and off for quite a while now – ever since I first tried the plan. It’s a diet that I know fits in well with my lifestyle and is really easily, needing next to no thought. I was invited to do the SlimFast Challenge again a week ago whilst trying out the new SlimFast Challenge App and I couldn’t wait to get stuck into SlimFast again.

I had been doing SlimFast since the New Year although not religiously – I’d eat my own snacks and have a treat or two if I wanted one but last week I followed the plan as it’s meant to be followed – with two meal replacement shakes or bars a day, a 600kcal meal and three snacks.

IMG_3292A Week on the SlimFast Challenge #SlimFastChallenge

Now that I’m used to doing SlimFast I didn’t find it difficult. I knew, with complete conviction, that if I followed SlimFast properly I would lose weight. The recipes of the shakes and meal bars have been updated recently to make them less sweet and I really enjoy the variety that the SlimFast Starter Box gives me. The shakes come in a range of flavours, as do the meal bars and there’s a great variety of snacks too – as well as being able to have fruit instead of a snack as well.

A Week on the SlimFast Challenge #SlimFastChallenge

How much weight have I lost on the SlimFast Challenge?

Over the course of the week I lost 3lb and have now lost 8lb in total from when I started trying to lose weight and get fitter at the start of the year. I do find it hard to keep track of my weight loss and what I’m eating though and this is where the SlimFast Challenge App comes in.

What is the SlimFast App like?

With the SlimFast App you can track what meals you’re eating through the day and then you can see if you were on plan or not. You can also keep track of your weight – your starting weight, any losses/gains and your ultimate goal.

A Week on the SlimFast Challenge #SlimFastChallenge
A Week on the SlimFast Challenge #SlimFastChallenge
A Week on the SlimFast Challenge #SlimFastChallenge

The app is full of motivational tips and recipes and everything within the app is really positive, giving an overall ‘can do’ attitude. Your goal is achievable and within the app there’s a lot of support and encouragement to reach that goal.

One of the best parts of the app, that I haven’t seen in any other tracking apps, is the ability to create a GIF by taking photos of you through your weight loss journey. I’ve only taken two photos so far but it will be great to see how my GIF looks as I lose weight and reach my goal. I’ll share this with you in a few weeks when you can really see how I’m getting on.

A Week on the SlimFast Challenge #SlimFastChallenge
A Week on the SlimFast Challenge #SlimFastChallenge
A Week on the SlimFast Challenge #SlimFastChallenge

Although I have finished my week on the SlimFast Challenge I haven’t finished my weight loss journey and will be continuing to follow the SlimFast plan. I find it so easy to fit into our busy family life and love that I can still have a family meal in the evenings. I’ll be posting more about my SlimFast journey as the months go by so make sure you check back to see how I’m getting on.

A Week on the SlimFast Challenge #SlimFastChallenge

Disclosure: I was sent a SlimFast Starter Kit to use during my SlimFast Challenge however all opinions are my own.



  1. January 31, 2016 / 9:02 pm

    Let me know how you get on! I really love it and know I’ll now be following the plan until I’m where I want to be x

  2. January 31, 2016 / 10:03 pm

    I know meal replacement diets aren’t for everyone but they really do work if you follow them properly. Looking forward to seeing your GIF in a few weeks – that’s quite a cool thing to be able to do 🙂

  3. January 31, 2016 / 10:44 pm

    I tried slim fast after I had Indiana and just couldn’t get into it. The app looks so helpful though, and the snacks look so much better! May have to look into it again xx

  4. Michelle Gaines
    May 31, 2016 / 5:12 pm

    Started Slim fast today. Wish me luck everyone.

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