Walking to School {The Ordinary Moments}

Our routine has changed so much over the last week. We now drop LP off at preschool Monday to Friday and because of my working days and Dave’s shifts our routine varies every day but the constant is that LP has to get up, get dressed and get to school on time.

Some days LP will walk to school with Daddy and Little Man whilst I go to work. Other days I will take her and Little Man on the walk to school. Then there are days when Dave and I are both off work and depending on Dave’s hours and my plans for the day one of us will stay at home and have a lazy morning, hoping that Little Man sleeps a while longer whilst the other one of us will get up with LP and take her to preschool. Some days Dave’s Mum will take LP too if Dave and I are both working.

On those days where it is just LP and I, where I hold her little hand and walk to school I love to chat to her, to see her walking along so quickly next to me and babbling away about the day ahead of her. LP loves preschool and cannot wait to get there and she knows that we have to get there on time so walks as quickly as she can.

On those days where it is either Daddy or I taking her to school we don’t have a pushchair and so we don’t have a buggy board for her to hop onto. Instead, she has to walk the whole way to school and every so often she’ll get tired and need us to carry her for a little way before insisting on getting down again.

At times I hate Dave’s shifts. I hate how hard it is to plan things and the lack of family time we have. But at times like this I love that Dave’s shifts allow us both to spend these moments with LP. Walking to and from preschool with her, talking to her and holding onto her little hand.

Walking to School {The Ordinary Moments}

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  1. Oh, this is a lovely post. It is these little moments that are just beautiful. It’s rare that Boo and I are out and about without Little Man, but when we are, I do love just holding her hand and having her chat away to me. Glad LP’s loving preschool so much, too x

  2. This is so sweet. She looks so teeny in this picture whereas I always imagine her to be so grown up it’s lovely that she still wants to be carried a bit of the way and adorable that she likes to rush to be there on time (a very good quality to have!!!) I’m so pleased for you guys that she is loving nursery! Xx

  3. Oh this post is darling. How small does LP look in that photo, and all grown up at the same time going to ‘big girl school’. I love that both of you are able to take her and pick her up, that will mean the absolute WORLD to her. Gorgeous post Donna. x

  4. Love this post. It reminds me so much of the routine we have with Lil G. Mr H & I split it between us. My work from home days are a Monday and Friday (yay that’s tomorrow) and that’s when we walk to and from Kindergarten with him. Holding hands talking about the day ahead or at the other end the day he’s had. Such precious moments. Lets savour them. Cherish them as one day they won’t want to walk with this. Eek. x

  5. Aaah this is such a sweet post Donna – i am loving walking F to school and the nice little chats we have on the way 🙂
    p.s re. the shifts – grass is always greener right!

  6. I do often wonder about how people cope with shift work and the changing routines once children come along. I bet getting up and ready every day is a bit of a shock to the system. We have our routine down to an art and are actually out and about and ready most days before 9, but thats cause my hubby helps me so much in the morning before work- i would be totally useless if it was me on my own! x

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