Playing with ‘Girls’ Toys {The Ordinary Moments}

The lovely Katie from Mummy Daddy Me is off on holiday at the moment and she asked me if I would mind hosting The Ordinary Moments for her this week – Would I mind? What an honour to host my favourite linky! So Katie may be on holiday but please don’t let that stop you joining in and linking up this week – Usual service will resume when Katie’s back next week!

You can definitely tell that Little Man is a second child. As he’s a boy, and LP is a girl, most of Little Man’s clothes we have had to buy – Not many hand me downs there. But Little Man doesn’t have many books or toys that we have bought especially for him. Most toys in our house are LP’s, ones that she plays with now or ones that she had when she was smaller and Little Man has now inherited.

Playing with 'Girls' Toys {The Ordinary Moments}

I’m not a massive fan of pink toys, I prefer neutral coloured toys but in some cases LP has had things bought for her as presents or I have seen things that I have known she would like and the fact they were pink was irrelevant to me. Because of this, there are pink toys wherever you look in our house – A pink kitchen with pink accessories, a pink stroller, pink pushchair and even pink Mega Bloks.

Playing with 'Girls' Toys {The Ordinary Moments}

In our house, toys are toys and Little Man isn’t bothered that they’re pink, he plays with anything and I’m happy that the children aren’t bothered by stereotypes just yet and Little Man can play with ‘girls’ toys for as long as he likes – He’ll be surrounded by them for a long time to come!

Playing with 'Girls' Toys {The Ordinary Moments}

Little Man loves LP’s Mega Bloks, he climbs to get them every day soon after he gets up and he plays with the tub and lid, throws the blocks around and chews them. He loves LP’s kitchen too and will happily stand at it for an age bashing utensils and pans about. I can imagine a time in the not too distant future where cars, tools, planes, trains and more start to encroach on our home and LP will play with her Brother’s toys just as he has played with hers.

Playing with 'Girls' Toys {The Ordinary Moments}

I found these photos on my camera from a month or so ago – Little Man’s hair hasn’t suddenly grown again! I love his sleepsuit and how ‘baby’ he looks – He has grown so much in the last few weeks!


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  1. Ahhhh love that the age of building blocks has been reached……so much fun!!! Arthur just got some for his birthday he’s showing lots of interest in them too!!
    The hair cut has really transformed little man to a little boy hasn’t it? Even though these photos are around a month old it’s definitely the hair cut that’s the difference….amazing!!
    Ps yay for you hosting the linky!!!! Xxx

  2. Well done on hosting my love. Love your pictures. I absolutely agree with you regarding play, it’s good to keep them away from gender bias toys for as long as possible, Lil G now plays with more ‘boy’ toys like his superhero characters. He did and i’m sure will continue to play with dolls and his pushchair. Too much is pushed on them regarding what is boy and girl friendly. See you next week x

  3. Lovely pics of Little Man.

    N doesn’t have any pink toys, but he’s always drawn to the girls clothes side in Next. Much more sparkly than the boys side! He’ll not yet reached the ‘pink’s for girls’ stage, so I guess he’ll play with whatever’s in front of him if it’s a toy he likes.

  4. I love this post. We want Little Mr to be able to play with whatever he wants to, whether it is a pink pram or a blue car, it’s rubbish how our society stereotype everything.

  5. I think to most kids, toys are just toys – who cares what colour they are?! I grew up with an older brother and was a bit of a tomboy so I mostly played with ‘boys’ toys (apart from loads of Care Bears and a My Little Pony Grooming Parlour that I was desperate for!) although a lot of things like Lego were just things we both played with. I hope I can bring Toby up to ignore gender stereotypes but I do think it’s quite hard sometimes.

  6. He’s such a little cutie. My little man loves pink, although not quite as much as he loves anything orange. In typical little boy mode though he loves playing with cars and balls. He’ll probably still be the same when he’s 18! x

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