Fruit Flavoured Fudge Recipes

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We have created so many easy fudge recipes now and the majority have one thing in common – they’re chocolate flavoured. But, sometimes you might want just a nice fruit flavored fudge, one that isn’t so rich, more light and refreshing.

There are so many fruit flavourings available now that you can create pretty much any fudge flavour. There are so many great fruit fudge options available and I like to think that if you can make an ice cream flavour you can make it into fudge too. I’ve put together some ideas below to give you inspiration for your next fruit fudge endeavor.

How do you make fudge?

We make fudge in the slow cooker but you can also make it in the microwave using a microwave safe bowl. You basically use a mix of chocolate – bars or chocolate chips – and sweetened condensed milk, heating and stirring until it forms a wonderful thick fudge consistency.

White Chocolate Fudge

This basic fudge can be tweaked to make a whole host of flavours. You just need to make sure that if you add liquid to the mix, you add more chocolate to compensate. To give you a good starting point, here are some basic fudge recipes ready for you to tweak:

Fruit Flavored Fudge Recipes

Strawberry Fudge

Strawberry is such a great flavour and perfect for fudge. You could add strawberry flavour or dried strawberries to a basic white chocolate fudge to create a lovely chocolate strawberry fudge. Adding some red colouring would make it look so appealing too – who wouldn’t love a pink fudge recipe? Easy strawberry fudge would be the perfect fudge for Valentines too!

Heart Shaped Fudge

Eton Mess Fudge

One step further than basic strawberry fudge would be our Eton Mess fudge. Strawberry flavour mixed with meringue and creaminess. It’s delicious.

Eton Mess Fudge

Raspberry Fudge

Another classic flavour is raspberry and just like strawberry fudge, adding red colouring and raspberry flavour to white chocolate fudge and topping with some dried raspberry pieces would make a really lovely fudge.

Cherry Fudge

Another of my favourite flavours is cherry and we have made a few fudge recipes with cherries in them – Rocky Road Fudge, Pistachio and Cherry Fudge and Amaretto and Cherry Fudge. But, you could use a white chocolate base with cherry flavouring and some dried cherries or glace cherries for a delicious cherry fudge recipe.

Pistachio and Cherry Fudge

Cherry Bakewell Fudge

Going one further with the cherry fudge, you could make our Cherry Bakewell Fudge. With pastry pieces, glace cherries, almond flavouring and icing, it’s utterly delicious and tastes just like cherry bakewell cakes!

Cherry Bakewell Fudge

Blueberry Fudge

Blueberries are one of our children’s favourite things and so I know they’d love blueberry fudge. White chocolate fudge with added blueberry flavouring and dried blueberries stirred through. It would be lovely!

Blueberry Pie Fudge

You could take the blueberry fudge to the next level by adding some pastry pieces, creating a Blueberry Pie Fudge that the whole family would love.

Blackberry Fudge

Another classic flavour is blackberry and, just like the blueberry fudge, would be so easy to make into fudge. Blackberry flavouring and a few dried blackberries stirred through. Super simple and tasty!

Mango Fudge

Mango fudge would be so refreshing. Using a basic white chocolate fudge recipe, you can add mango flavouring and top with dried mango pieces. Delicious!

Apple Fudge

I feel like apple fudge would be lovely, like cider ice lollies in the summer. With white chocolate fudge made with apple flavouring and topped with dried apple slices, it would be lovely!

Banana Fudge

Banana fudge would work so well with with a white chocolate fudge base or milk chocolate fudge. White chocolate fudge and banana flavouring would let you focus on the banana flavour. But you could add banana flavouring to a milk chocolate fudge, giving a chocolate banana taste that is reminiscent of so many desserts and such a great flavour combination.

Coconut Fudge

Although we have created a Slow Cooker Bounty Fudge and a Vegan Coconut Fudge, a simple white chocolate fudge with coconut flavouring would be delicious. You could even add some rum to make it taste like holidays! Plus, stir in some dessicated coconut and it would have a fantastic texture too.

Bounty Fudge

Grape Fudge

Another classic flavour that would work well with a white chocolate base, grape fudge would be lovely made with grape flavouring and you could even add some dried fruit to add some more interest too.

Kiwi Fudge

Kiwi is such a lovely flavour and it would work so well with a white chocolate base. You could even add some lime flavouring, or top with lime pieces to make a gorgeous Key Lime Fudge too.

Orange Fudge

Orange flavouring would work perfectly with white chocolate fudge but you could simply use Terry’s White Chocolate Oranges! To make the fudge extra fruity you could top with jelly orange slices which would make it look pretty too. But, you could also make chocolate orange fudge or dark chocolate orange fudge if you want a classic chocolate flavour.

White Terry's Chocolate Orange Fudge

Lemon Fudge

Carrying on the citrus theme, a basic lemon or lime fudge would work really well. A basic white chocolate fudge with lemon or lime flavouring and lemon or lime pieces on the top. It would be refreshing, zingy and delicious!

Lemon Meringue Fudge

You could add a little more to a basic lemon fudge and create our Lemon Meringue Fudge recipe. With the addition of lemon pieces and meringue it’s super tasty and a firm favourite with the kids.

Lemon Meringue Fudge

Passionfruit Fudge

Passionfruit is another flavour that would work well with a white chocolate base, adding such a lovely tropical flavour to the fudge, perfect for any passionfruit fan.

Peach Fudge

Peach is a lovely flavour and peach flavouring would work well with white chocolate fudge. You could even use Archers Peach Schnapps for a lovely, adult version too!

Pineapple Fudge

Another lovely, tropical flavour, pineapple would make fantastic fudge. Add pineapple flavouring to white chocolate fudge and add dried pineapple pieces to the top. You could even add some rum to make an alcoholic, cocktail style fudge!

Rhubarb Fudge

Another favourite flavour in our house is rhubarb and simple rhubarb flavouring would work so well with a white chocolate fudge, creating a really lovely rhubarb fudge.

Fruit and Nut Fudge

A fruit and nut fudge recipe could not be easier. You can just make any base fudge and add dried fruit and nuts into the mix. Utterly delicious and moreish – it’s one that won’t last long!

There you have so many flavours of fudge to try. If you’re looking for more inspiration for different fudge flavours you can find all of our fudge recipes to date here – plus, these are our ten most popular fudge flavours too. Can you believe there are so many different types of fudge? And so many peanut butter fudge flavours too! I’ll add more as I think of them!

Peanut Butter Fudge


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