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Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe

I love pudding and I love ice cream although I have only ever eaten ice cream from the tub, a cone or a bowl – nothing adventurous! So I thought I would make an ice cream cake. This recipe I just threw together but I will be doing variations in the future – it’s pretty good! How to make an ice cream cake without cake An ice cream cake is…

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Madeira Cake Recipe

I love a good loaf cake and a simple Madeira Sponge always goes down a treat. It’s a great bake to have as part of an afternoon tea spread, if a friend is coming round for a cup of tea or to take to a school bake sale. The lemon in the mix keeps the Madeira Cake moist and gives a very slight lemon flavour but this really isn’t a…


Healthy Banana Pancakes Recipe – Extra Protein for your Family | AD

Since becoming parents we have tried to give the children as healthy and nutritious meals as possible whilst letting them have treats like pudding on some days and really a good balance in their diet. I’ve realised that although the children are fantastic at eating fruit and vegetables there are some weeks where they don’t get enough protein in their diet so I’ve been looking at ways to increase the…


Slow Cooker Lasagne Recipe

I love lasagne but we don’t have it that often as I find that it takes ages to cook, is quite fiddly and it takes time to prepare before dinner which I often don’t have. So I decided to make lasagne in the slow cooker instead to see if I could save some time but still have one of our favourite meals – and it didn’t turn out too badly!…


Chocolate Brownie with White Chocolate Chips Recipe

Brownies are pretty much a staple bake for any kitchen. They are so easy to make, taste great and I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t appreciate a brownie still warm from the oven. Gooey chocolate brownies are one thing I always buy from coffee shops, a go-to cake that I know is so hard to get wrong. We love to bake brownies at home and this gooey chocolate brownie recipe…


Pizza Pinwheels Recipe

The children absolutely love making Pizza Pinwheels with me. They are so simple to make, taste great and are lovely to look at as well. We have them for a simple lunch, as part of a buffet, as a party treat or even when we’re making a picnic. How easy are Pizza Pinwheels to make? Pizza Pinwheels – or Pizza Swirls as we call them too – are one of…


Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

A few years ago I published my Never Fail Cookies recipe and it’s been the basis of so many cookie recipes over the years. Recently we’ve been enjoying peanut butter and chocolate cookies, with that same recipe as the inspiration for them. These are best eaten straight away with the centre still gooey. But, they also keep well in an airtight container for a few days. So here’s our Peanut…