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How to make Pumpkin Puree

At this time of year there are pumpkins everywhere and as much as I love to carve them I also love to cook with them. But, the first year that I bought a pumpkin I made the mistake of peeling it, chopping it and boiling it before making it into puree – thinking that it would need to be like baby food to add to things. Now, the end result…

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Slow Cooker Ragu Pasta Bake Recipe

If there is one thing the children will always eat it’s pasta and as a family we love a pasta bake – there’s nothing simpler than buying a jar of pasta bake sauce and throwing the dish in the oven. But sometimes it’s nice to make a pasta bake from scratch, knowing exactly what’s in it and being able to tailor the flavours to your family. Our new favourite pasta…


Strawberry Vanilla Crumble Recipe

Each year we grow so many strawberries in the garden that it’s hard to know what to do with them. But, a favourite dessert for the whole family is crumble – whatever the weather. Making a strawberry crumble made complete sense and although I love it with custard you could serve it with fresh cream or ice cream instead for a really summery feel. So here’s our Strawberry Vanilla Crumble…


Keep Cool this Summer with Kingsland Drinks

This summer you can cool down with the perfect summer cocktails from Kingsland Drinks’ latest ranges – Mr Gladstone’s Curious Emporium, Willow & Stone and LIVE Fruit Fusion Rosé. With their fruity flavours of strawberry, lime, pineapple and raspberry, they are perfect for using in summer cocktails to enjoy at gatherings across the summer. Better still, they are all made in Britain! Remember to enjoy them responsibly. Kingsland Drinks have…


Fruity Nutty Banana Muffins Recipe

We absolutely love muffins but sometimes they feel like more of a treat than something you can have every day. But, I love baking muffins that we can enjoy for breakfast, a snack in the afternoon or as a dessert with custard. Our Fruity Nutty Banana Muffins are our latest creation that really do tick every box and the whole family love them – plus, they use up our old bananas…


Rhubarb Crumble Recipe

We absolutely love crumble in our house and as we have rhubarb growing in our garden, rhubarb crumble is probably our favourite dessert. It’s a dessert that reminds me of my own childhood, growing rhubarb in my childhood garden too and I am sure it will be a dessert that reminds LP and Little Man of their childhood too later in life. Here’s our Rhubarb Crumble Recipe: Ingredients: 400g rhubarb 4…


6 Cheap Slow Cooker Recipes for the Whole Family

I love our slow cooker but the best thing about it is that we can make affordable meals that the whole family will love, often cooked in bulk, portioned up and frozen to enjoy not just on the day but as lots of meals for the future too. Here are our favourite cheap slow cooker meals for the whole family: Our favourite meal – and our favourite slow cooker meal…