Me & Mine {July 2020}

Well, the end of the month came round so fast that I can’t quite believe it’s August tomorrow. We have had such a lovely month and one where it feels like a good dose of normality has returned too.

The month started with school at home and by July we had got into a good routine with it. But, this month everything changed as both LP and Little Man had a week back at school before the end of term.

They both loved being back at school – for different weeks – and loved seeing their friends and teachers. It was also a nice change to routine where I only had school at home with one of them at a time. It was also lovely to get out and do the school run again. It really did feel quite normal.

We skipped the last day of school at home – a half day on a Monday – as by that point I felt like the children, and me, had done enough. We hadn’t skipped any days of school and had done all the work set. I think we all deserved to just switch off at the end of the previous week and it was definitely the right choice.

So the last two weeks have been spent in summer holiday mode – and it has been glorious. We have been on lovely days out to Butser Farm and Richmond Park and also spent the last week in Weymouth.

We went to the beach, saw a lighthouse, a fort, went to the Sea Life centre and explored a nature reserve. All in all it was lovely and I can’t wait to explore more of Dorset when we get the opportunity.

And now, it’s August. A whole month at home with my favourite people. I can’t wait to spend more time just switching off, relaxing and enjoying the holidays together. I hope you have all had a lovely July too and have a lovely August as well.

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