Me & Mine {February 2019}

Oh what a month it has been. It started with snow – which the children were just so happy about – and the rest has been full of sunshine and dry days as well as plenty of togetherness for our little team.

Dave and I did have a weekend away without the children at the start of the month but aside from that we have spent this month together – around work commitments anyway.

We’ve been to a National Trust, taken the children to parties, had trips to the cinema and had so much simple time together. It’s been a really lovely month and one that has had plenty of downtime for us – something that doesn’t happen often and something I really take time to appreciate when it does happen.

We do have our busy times though. Half term was packed full of small adventures and we had a couple of nights in Cornwall together which was lovely. But, around the busy times we have slower time together and I feel like our balance is working well this year. We are having quality time together both at home and away on adventures and we’re all really enjoying it as a family.

February has been so much lovelier than February usually is. It’s a month of happy moments and one I am sad has drawn to a close. But March will bring spring with it, warmer days and maybe even washing drying on the line. Thanks February, you’ve been lovely – now let’s see what the spring has in store for us.

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  • Because its not really rained much and its not that cold ive been out more this month walking the dog along with my granddaughter. Lovely photos and fab days out