Me & Mine

Me & Mine is a monthly portrait project where we share a family photo once a month along with a little about where the month has taken us. At the end of the year I share a roundup of all the photos from the year and it’s lovely seeing our family grow as time goes by. All the posts so far in the series are here.


Me & Mine {February 2019}

Oh what a month it has been. It started with snow – which the children were just so happy about – and the rest has been full of sunshine and dry days as well as plenty of togetherness for our little team. Dave and I did have a weekend away without the children at the start of the month but aside from that we have spent this month together –…

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Me & Mine {January 2019}

This month has been a really lovely month for us as a family. I usually don’t like January and I would go so far as to say that January is usually my least favourite month. But this January has been so different. I think because we organised a break away to Darwin Forest at the start of the month, making the most of an extra inset day, we started the…


Me & Mine {2018}

It’s that time of the year where I look back at our Me & Mine posts from the 12 months, at how we’ve all changed and grown as well as the things we’ve got up to, the places we’ve been and the adventures that the year has taken us on. So here is our year in Me & Mine pictures: January February March April May June July August September October…


Me & Mine {November 2018}

Woah, where has November gone? I think October happened, I blinked and it’s December. November has gone by in a total blur of work, Christmas prep and plans but it has been a really lovely month despite how swiftly it’s passed. We’ve had a few impromptu days at home this month which the children always really love. I think when life is as busy as ours it’s always nice to…


Me & Mine {October 2018}

Well October never disappoints. It’s my favourite month and it has been so lovely – especially as most of it was full of warm weather and sunshine, something I don’t remember having in October before. We had so much time as a family this month with Dave having two weeks away from work and us all having a week away at half term and lots of busy weekends too. All…


Me & Mine {September 2018}

Woah, September – where did you go? I swear we only started the month a few days ago and now I’m sitting here, on Saturday night, wondering if I actually have a photo for this post. I thought we had at least another week to take one. This month has been such a busy one. The children went back to school and with LP at a new campus and Little…


Me & Mine {August 2018}

Oh August. August may be my favourite month ever. I can’t even remember what we spent the first couple of weeks doing but we spent the last couple of weeks in America – where we still are – exploring Florida and everything Orlando has to offer. The children are the perfect age for this trip and it makes everything so full of magic. Plus, staying in a villa has meant…