Me & Mine {July 2022}

I completely forgot it was the end of the month until about lunch time today so I quickly took a family photo in the garden – and even managed to get the cat in on the action!

This month has been a lovely one for us as a family. School and work have been so busy that we’ve done very little at weekends, focusing on trying to get a good balance and just enjoying time together at home.

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Me & Mine {May 2022}

May is always a lovely month for us, with Little Man’s birthday in the middle of it, and this May has been no different. It’s been full of birthday celebrations, seeing friends and family and a lot of lovely days out too.

The only bad thing about may has been the weather. Up and down, with more wet, overcast or cold days compared to the handful of bright sunny days. But I hope that means the summer, when it comes, will be bright, dry and lovely.

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Me & Mine {April 2022}

Ah what a lovely month April has been. It’s always a really positive month after the winter and it’s the start of real days out, nicer weather and summer around the corner.

This April started with us on holiday with friends in Yorkshire which was such a lovely break away. It was so good to catch up and we had so much time together. We couldn’t have asked for a better week.

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Me & Mine {March 2022}

I know I write this most months but I can’t believe that another month has passed already. The year is flying by and March has been a lovely month for us despite us all having colds for most of it.

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Me & Mine {February 2022}

I’m writing this post a week late but will backdate it so I can still find it in years to come! We managed to have a whole month without taking any photos, but I have some now and so here’s February’s Me & Mine post!

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Me & Mine {January 2022}

Half way through last year I stopped sharing Me & Mine photos. Life was hard and it was one of many things that slipped out of our routine. But this year I wanted to start documenting us as a family again and so here I am with the first of this year’s Me & Mine posts.

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Me & Mine {February 2021}

Well, that was February. The hardest month we’ve had in a while for so many reasons and one I’m definitely glad to be over.

This has been our last full month of school at home and I really hope it’s something we never have to do again. We have all found it exhausting and monotonous. The children cannot wait to be back at school.

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Me & Mine {January 2021}

Oh wow. What a January that was. The most January of Januaries that there ever was. It was a pretty uneventful month. One stuck at home with lockdown, not seeing anyone and being pretty much in hibernation aside from the kids doing school at home.

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Me & Mine {December 2020}

It feels like yesterday I wrote November’s Me & Mine and, to be honest, there isn’t really much to write about this month despite it being Christmas.

Being moved to Tier 4 just a few days before Christmas meant that this year’s celebrations were very low key for us and tinged with what I can only describe as sadness. The children were unaware – Father Christmas came and they had a really lovely Christmas – but it wasn’t quite as magical for the adults this year.

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