Me & Mine {January 2023}

January was both the longest month ever and also one that seemed to go quite quickly now I’m looking back at it.

I think we all really appreciated getting back into a good routine after the Christmas break. Dave is now well into his new shift work, and it’s a learning curve for all of us.

I’m settled back into my routine of blog work a couple of days a week and my charity job a few days a week too. It’s a nice balance and I really enjoy it, but life is just so busy.

The kids are back at school and loving it although they have both been a bit snotty over the last few weeks. It’s that time of year – freezing cold, lurgy everywhere. I’m hoping it’ll pass as the weather starts to get warmer and the days longer.

This month we had a lot of down time including a weekend away at Whittlebury Park and the only real day out we had was to Brooklands Museum. It’s been a lovely, quiet, slow month that we’ve all really appreciated.

I hope you’ve had a lovely January too.

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