Me & Mine {February 2020}

I know February is a really short month anyway – being a couple of days shorter than every other month – but it has whizzed past. I’ve never known a month to pass so quickly.

So much of this month has been spent indoors. The weather has been terrible, it’s been wet, cold and even snowing at times. We haven’t really wanted to get out and about so just hibernating at home has been perfect.

But, we made up for lost time at half term and went here, there and everywhere. We started half term with an incredibly wet day at London Transport Museum which was a really lovely day out.

We then went to Legoland, had a couple of days with friends, more time at home and then a lovely dry day at Bletchley Park where this month’s Me & Mine photo was taken.

The last week has been getting back into the swing of school life and routines, pancake flips, dentist appointments and so much other life admin. February hasn’t been my favourite month but it has been a lovely chance to relax and have time together as a family. Now, we are all looking forward to March, the clocks changing and the real start of spring.

1 thought on “Me & Mine {February 2020}”

  1. The weather has been so challenging, I actually think I’m fed up with hibernating now I need some milder weather. I don’t even need to do anything drastic outside I just fancy some nice walks and picnics. I actually think this month ahs dragged a bit because of being stuck indoors which I don’t normally mind this time of year but its felt like we have had no other option. Bring on spring.


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