Siblings is a monthly portrait project where we share photos of LP and Little Man once a month along with a little about where the month has taken them. At the end of the year I share a roundup of all the photos from the year and it’s lovely seeing how the two children have grown as time goes by. All the posts so far in the series are here.


Siblings {June 2016}

In our lives now, with Hubby and I working opposite each other – including weekends – and LP being at school, we really don’t get much family time at all. The children nearly always have one parent present or their grandparents but the times where all four of us are together are definitely few and far between. But this isn’t a problem, it just means that we use annual leave…

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Siblings {May 2016}

This month I have left it until the last minute to write this post thinking that I didn’t have any photos to go with it but looking back over the last few weeks and I realise that LP and Little Man have had some of the best times together and I actually have so, so many photos this month. The month started with our trip to Alton Towers where the…


Siblings {April 2016}

This month has been amazing for LP and Little Man. Well, they’ve had pretty much every bug going and have spent a lot of it under the weather but they have been together, and with this pair of siblings that is often all that matters. This month has been amazing because of the Easter holidays. Nearly two and a half weeks of family time and even when Hubby or I…


Siblings {March 2016}

This month has been a really lovely month for us as a family. Last month’s Siblings post went live at the start of half term when we were on holiday in Scotland. That following week gave us so much quality family time and the children had such a lovely week together. After a term and a half of school both LP and Little Man are used to their new routines.…


Siblings {February 2016}

Before Little Man was born I hoped that LP would have a sibling who she could grow with, who would become a ready made friend, a companion and someone to play with. I hoped that given their small age gap that they would just be perfect together – enjoying the same things but appreciating their differences and being able to play independently in the knowledge that the other one would…


Siblings {January 2016}

This month has been a lovely one for LP and Little Man. They had over two weeks together at Christmas and it was just so lovely to see how close they have become – and how well they interact when given quality time together. LP and Little Man both had just the best understand of Christmas this year and it was, without a doubt, my best Christmas yet. I love…


Siblings {December 2015}

This month has passed by in a complete blur – a blur of Christmas preparation and being so busy none of us has had much time to sit still or even think. It’s been the best kind of crazy but because of that we don’t have many decent photos – especially not the matching elf outfit kind from last month. So these photos were all taken at home – the…