Siblings is a monthly portrait project where we share photos of LP and Little Man once a month along with a little about where the month has taken them. At the end of the year I share a roundup of all the photos from the year and it’s lovely seeing how the two children have grown as time goes by. All the posts so far in the series are here.


Siblings {January 2017}

Siblings is a linky I’ve loved since it started – when Little Man was just a few months old. It’s one of the things that keeps my blog focused on the children, their milestones and their relationship. Usually I start my Siblings post by saying what a lovely month we’ve had. This month has been fine but it’s been cold, it’s been wet and our extension work has been mostly…

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Siblings {2016}

I can’t believe it’s our last Siblings post of the year. I’ve loved documenting the children growing together and this year – although they don’t look massively different to last January – they have both grown and learnt so much. This year has been the best year yet for LP and Little Man. They have been able to play together, they can share toys and they even share clothes at times…


Siblings {November 2016}

This month has flown by – again. I think once you have children each month just rolls into the next and life seems to be on fast forward. But, this month the children have spent quite a lot of time together and since leaving my day job I’ve been able to spend a lot more time with them too. It’s been a pretty good month. November really is all about…


Siblings – {October 2016}

This month has gone by in a blur and looking through my photos from the month I can see, easily, how life has changed in just a month. With Little Man now being at preschool, he and LP don’t spend as much time together at all – and after school they are both too exhausted for any big adventures. Because of that we haven’t taken any photos this month and…


Siblings {September 2016}

This month has been such a lovely month for LP and Little Man. It was still pretty full of summer holiday-ness, days out and family time. We squeezed so much into the holidays this year and really made the most of every minute. LP and Little Man have been living in each other’s pockets, doing the same things, playing the same games and singing the same songs. They are like…


Siblings {August 2016}

This month has been a pretty amazing month for the children. Not only did we have a week in Greece, their first holiday abroad, but we have also had some pretty amazing days out. This month we’ve been to Drusillas Park, Warner Bros Studios, Disney HQ for a Finding Dory screening, A Day out with Thomas on the Watercress Line steam railway, the London Eye and London Zoo. It’s been…


Siblings {July 2016}

Well this is going to be a very photo heavy post, that’s for sure. LP and Little Man are amazing together – most of the time – and clearly adore each other. They would happily spend all day, every day together if they could – and would then probably ask for a sleepover in each other’s room too. They love being together – whether it’s on a day out or…