Siblings {January 2019}

Oh what a month it has been for LP and Little Man. We’ve had Christmas, New Year and so many days out and adventures. But, now, things are back into a good routine with us – the children are back at school and things have gone pretty much back to normal for them after the hectic loveliness of the preceding weeks.

When I published my last month’s siblings post we were having a festive weekend in Salford Quays. The children loved this time together and they really enjoyed everything we did over the course of our time there.

We did the Snowman Trail – finding decorated snowmen around the Quays, we looked at the Light Waves installations, met Father Christmas and even went to the theatre. It was a great weekend for these two.

Once school finished for the holidays we went to see Disney on Ice which may have been slightly overshadowed by our trip to Lapland UK – one of the most amazing days out we have ever experienced and something LP and Little Man will be talking about for years.

It was so great to see them experiencing Lapland UK together – walking through the snowy forest hand in hand, meeting Father Christmas side by side and soaking up everything with their sibling right there next to them.

Christmas was perfect for us – time at home, time with friends, time with family, so many presents and really good food. It couldn’t have been better. As soon as the big days came to a close we went into London for a day, making the most of the festive decorations and seeing the sights full of festive cheer.

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We then spent most of that odd bit between Christmas and going back to school and work in our pyjamas. We did something we never do and had so much time at home, relaxing, watching movies and just enjoying down time – and the children loved it.

But then we finished off the month on an adventure to Darwin Forest where we had a different kind of down time. We stayed in a lodge, went swimming, walked through the forest and explored the local area. It was a great way to finish the holidays.

Usually my January siblings photos are grey and meh. They’re often indoors and nothing to write home about. But this January has been different to all the rest. The sun has shone and it has been a pretty glorious month. What a way to start the year. Happy New Year everyone.

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  1. These two are getting so big and grown up! The sibling’s project is certainly something I would like to try and join in on again this year! I’ll have to pull my finger out!! Gorgeous photos & post! x

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