Siblings {August 2018}

Oh what a month it has been for LP and Little Man. This month has been all about the summer holidays, with one last week at school and then the last few weeks full of holidays adventures.

It started with a trip to Drusillas Park, followed swiftly by a day at Crealy and a glamping weekend at Drayton Manor – two weeks full of theme park fun. Although we love the big Merlin parks we also love the slower pace and simple fun of Drusillas, Crealy and Drayton. They’re quieter, the children love them and there’s a great mix of rides, animals and other activities. Plus, the children can do so much by themselves at these parks now too which means Dave and I can just sit back and watch their happy faces.

The children had their first holiday club experience this month too with a week at a local activity camp. They absolutely loved it, especially as they’re in the same age group, and they did so much during the week. I’m now looking at it as something they could do regularly for a week in the summer holidays.

We went to Thorpe Park for the first time this month and LP and Little Man loved it although, really, they were a bit short for the main rides so it will be a year or so before we go again. This didn’t stop LP and Little Man from having the best day though.

The month finished with a packed weekend in London where we did eight attractions in two days, stayed in two different hotels and where we walked over 30km. It was such a great weekend and it makes me think that if we plan well we can fit much more into our days out and weekend breaks. LP and Little Man loved having so much time together and they really enjoyed experiencing so many new places – together.

This next month is going to be a big one for LP and Little Man – with their first long haul holiday coming up, their first Disney holiday experience and then back to school – where they will be in different campuses for the first time. But, I know this won’t change them, they’ll just live for the afternoons and weekends where they can be together again.


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