10 Recipes Using Toblerone

Who doesn’t love Toblerone? It’s not something we buy often, saving it as a really indulgent treat. The combination of flavours are wonderful and whatever type of Toblerone you have you know it’s something you’ll really enjoy.

But, we do often buy a big Toblerone or individual size Toblerone bars to use in the kitchen. It is one of our favourite things to bake with. But, what can you actually make with Toblerone? I thought I’d put together some ideas and inspiration for you as well as sharing some of our favourite recipes.

Recipes Using Toblerone

Recipes Using Toblerone

Toblerone cookies

Cookies are one of the easiest things to make using Toblerone as you can simply add Toblerone pieces to the cookie dough. We make Toblerone shortbread cookies all the time and also more traditional never fail cookies using Toblerone too.

Here are some of our favourite Toblerone biscuit recipes:

Recipes Using Toblerone

Toblerone brownies

Brownies are another super easy bake to make with Toblerone. You can simply add Toblerong chunks to your normal brownie mixture for absolutely delicious Toblerone brownies.

Here are some of our favourite Toblerone brownies recipes:

Toblerone cupcakes

Cupcakes, fairy cakes and muffins are great individual bakes to make that can easily have a Toblerone twist. Whether you add Toblerone to the cake batter, add Toblerone to the frosting or put a piece of Toblerone on the top, there are so many ways to tweak cake recipes to make them delightfully Toblerone flavoured.

Here are some of our favourite individual cake recipes using Toblerone:

Toblerone cake

Toblerone cakes to slice and share are a great use of Toblerone bars in the kitchen. We love an indulgent cake with chocolate ganache and layers on gorgeous flavour. But, I also love a simple loaf cake – easy to slice and delicious.

Here are our favourite Toblerone cake recipes:

Toblerone cheesecake

Everyone loves cheesecake and you can make so many no bake cheesecakes using Toblerone. With one solid block of flavour, layers of different flavours or a simple vanilla cheesecake with Toblerone to decorate it. The options are endless!

Here are some of our favourite Toblerone cheesecake recipes:

Toblerone fudge

Our milk chocolate Toblerone fudge is one of our most indulgent sweet treats and something we love for a special occasion or buffet spread. Full of Toblerone flavour and with a great consistency, it’s a really lovely treat to share. You can read the full recipe here. 

Recipes Using Toblerone

Toblerone rocky road

Rocky road is one of the easiest no bake chocolate treats that you can make and it couldn’t be easier to add Toblerone chunks to the mix. A wonderful traybake – and even better with Toblerone in it!

Here are our favourite Toblerone tocky road recipes:

Toblerone ice cream

Another great treat that is easy to flavour is homemade ice cream! I love trying new flavours of ice cream and Toblerone flavour is always a winner.

Here are our favourite Toblerone ice cream recipes:

Toblerone ice cream cake

You could always go one stage further than just Toblerone ice cream and instead make Toblerone ice cream cake! Such a great dessert to slice and share, it’s always a winner with everyone who trys it.

Here are our favourite Toblerone ice cream cake recipes:

Toblerone mousse

For a more decadent dessert, a Toblerone mousse could be just the thing. Light and airy but also rich and chocolatey. A great way to finish any meal. 

Here are our favourite Toblerone mousse recipes:

So there you have many ideas of how to use Toblerone in your recipes. I’ll add more bakes and desserts as we make them or come across them online. Happy baking!

If you’re looking for more recipe inspiration you can see all our recipes to date here.


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