Alternative Pigs in Blankets to try this Christmas

Pigs in blankets are pretty much my favourite thing about the festive season and they are a staple not only with our Christmas dinner but for every gathering and buffet we have throughout December. I’d eat them all year round if I could.

But, as much as I love a sausage wrapped in bacon there’s something so nice about having different flavour pigs in blankets or fresh varieties that you hadn’t thought of before.

I’ve put together some of our favourite easy pigs in blankets recipes below to give you something a little different to the classic pig in blanket that you’re used to.

Caramelised Onion Pigs in Blankets

We love caramelised onion as part of a cheese board at any time of the year. But, have you ever cooked with caramelised onion? It gives such a wonderfully deep flavour and these Caramelised Onion Pigs in Blankets are fantastic as part of a buffet spread – right next to the cheese board!

Honey and Mustard Pigs in Blankets

Honey and mustard is one of my favourite flavour combinations and these Honey and Mustard Pigs in Blankets are a simple twist on the classic recipe with a flavour that everyone will enjoy.

Maple Glazed Pigs in Blankets

These Maple Glazed Pigs in Blankets are my absolute favourite pigs in blankets recipe. They’re so moreish and just the right sweetness to contrast with a very savoury Christmas dinner.

Chicks in Blankets

For a bit of variety, why not make chicks in blankets instead of pigs? Chicken sausages wrapped in bacon are a whole new flavour combination that compliments Christmas dinner perfectly.

Cheese Stuffed Pigs in Blankets

For an added level of flavour with pigs in blankets you could try stuffing the sausages with a slither of cheese before wrapping in bacon. These are a fantastic twist on the classic recipe.

Vegetarian Pigs in Blankets

For a vegetarian version you could you meat free sausages and vegetarian bacon for a pretty good version of a typical pig in blanket!

If you’re looking for more Christmas dishes to make, why not try our Slow Cooker Turkey and Sausage Stew or our Creamy Turkey, Sweetcorn and Bacon Pie? You can see all our Christmas recipes to date here.

Alternative Pigs in Blankets to try this Christmas


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  1. Ohh! I hadn’t thought of most of these variations of pigs in blankets.
    The maple glazed one’s are the only one’s I’ve tried. I am quite fancying the caramelised onion one’s x

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