13 Boozy Fudge Recipes with Alcohol

Any regular reader will know how much I love making fudge and thinking of new fudge recipes. I have made over seventy different fudge flavours at the time of writing but there is one thing I always get asked for more of is alcohol fudge recipes. 

So I thought I would put together all the boozy fudge recipes with condensed milk that I can think of. Ones that use just chocolate, sweetened condensed milk and flavouring to create a delicious but boozy sweet treat for your friends and family. Many are just three ingredient boozy fudge recipes so don’t need much to make either.

Boozy Fudge Recipes with Alcohol

Some of these homemade recipes are ones that I have made and some are in the pipeline to be made but they are all possible. I’ll also give ways to make non-alcoholic versions if possible too.

How do you make boozy fudge?

For our easy fudge recipes I always use the slow cooker. It takes just forty minutes with the lid off, stirring every ten minutes and is something you can easily make whilst doing other things in the kitchen.

However, you can also make condensed milk fudge in the microwave. It only takes around three minutes in a microwave safe bowl and is super simple. I just prefer the control I have over making fudge in the slow cooker.

Boozy Fudge Recipes with Alcohol

We always use an eight inch square baking tin when making fudge but you can use any size tin you have to hand – and cut the fudge pieces accordingly. A smaller tin will make deeper fudge pieces and a bigger tin will give shallower pieces. 

Boozy Fudge Recipes

Baileys Fudge

Our Baileys Irish Cream fudge is one of our favourite fudge flavours to make at Christmas but can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Simply using Baileys Irish Cream, condensed milk and chocolate, it tastes delicious and is a must for any Baileys fan. Plus, you can use any flavour of Irish Cream liqueur that you like meaning that the Baileys fudge flavour possibilities are endless.

Boozy Fudge Recipes with Alcohol

Rumchata Fudge 

For a different liqueur fudge, Rum Chata would create a really delicious Rum Chata fudge recipe for any rum cream fan. It’s a really popular spirit, especially in America, and would work well as an alternative to Baileys in a simple fudge recipe.

Amaretto and Cherry Fudge

Another one of our favourite boozy fudge recipes is this Cherry and Amaretto Fudge recipe. With a wonderful almond and cherry flavour, it’s like a rich fudge version of a cherry bakewell cake and can be made alcohol free by using amaretto flavouring instead of using Disaronno like us. 

Boozy Fudge Recipes with Alcohol

Gin Fudge

Gin fudge is super easy to make – with chocolate bars or chocolate chips and condensed milk along with your choice of gin. You can use any gin that you like – and there are some fantastic gin flavours available. You can also get non-alcoholic gin flavouring for a family friendly version.

Boozy Fudge Recipes with Alcohol

Gin and Tonic Fudge

Gin and tonic fudge is also an option but for this we use G&T flavouring for ease. However, you could always reserve a tablespoon of G&T the next time you make one purely to make this fudge!

Boozy Fudge Recipes with Alcohol

Vodka Fudge

Just like gin, vodka works really well in fudge, especially if you use flavoured vodka. Super easy to make and perfect for a gathering or to give as gifts.

Rum and Raisin Fudge

Rum and raisin fudge is one that we get asked to make quite often. It has a really lovely texture thanks to the raisins – and a great taste from the rum!

Boozy Fudge Recipes with Alcohol

Rum Fudge

You can leave the raisins out and have a straightforward rum fudge, using any rum you feel like – or even an alcohol free rum flavouring. White rum, dark rum and spiced rum all work really well for this – and you could use a flavoured rum too. Bumbu rum, Bacardi and Malibu would all work really well. 

Jack Daniels Fudge

Jack Daniels is another popular spirit that you could easily make into a chocolate bourbon fudge, perfect for any Jack Daniels fan. This bourbon chocolate fudge could use any Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and would make a really moreish fudge. 

Whiskey fudge is actually one that we get asked to make most often and so you won’t be surprised to hear that a Jack Daniels fudge recipe is next on our list to make and we’re looking to make a Kentucky bourbon fudge recipe too and a Fireball fudge recipe – a Fireball whiskey fudge recipe would be perfect for any Fireball cinnamon whisky fan. 

Maple Bourbon Fudge

Whiskey and maple flavours work really well together and you could easily add maple syrup and Jack Daniels to create this maple bourbon fudge recipe. But, honey and whiskey also work well together. This is a great time to play around with your favourite drink flavours and make them into delicious fudge instead. A maple whisky fudge would be lovely.

Peanut Butter Whiskey Fudge

You could make our wonderful peanut butter fudge but add a measure of whiskey for a deep, rich, peanut butter whiskey fudge. Such a great flavour combination. 

Boozy Fudge Recipes with Alcohol

Brandy Fudge 

Just like whiskey fudge, a brandy fudge recipe is easy to make and can use whatever brandy you have to hand – whether it’s a Courvoisier cognac or a bottle of supermarket own brand. 

Coffee Fudge

We love making a coffee and walnut fudge but you could put this up a level by using Kahlua coffee liqueur instead of string coffee. A really lovely, alcoholic coffee fudge!

Boozy Fudge Recipes with Alcohol

So I hope that has given you some inspiration for alcoholic fudge recipes. This perfect old fashioned chocolate fudge is so simple to make and would make a great gift – or part of a buffet spread at Christmas or any other time of the year. 

We love making condensed milk fudge recipes and have so many on this website. Here are some more posts of fudge inspiration for you:

13 Boozy Fudge Recipes with Alcohol


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