9 Years of Our Little Pickle

Dear Little Pickle

I know I say this every year but it feels like yesterday you came into our lives. And yet it’s nine years since you were born, nine years since you made us parents and nine whole years since you changed our lives forever.

Those nine years have gone so fast but they have been our favourite years. The ones before you seem almost insignificant – life really began when we became a family and since then we have strived to teach you as much as we can, show you the world and see everything through your eyes. It’s been an adventure.

This time last year we were enjoying the summer after our trip to Mauritius – and how different could this year be. This year has been overshadowed with coronavirus. You haven’t been at school properly since March and your brother had his birthday during lockdown.

Thankfully, your birthday is at a time when we can see other people, celebrate to some extent and go on a day out. It will be a pretty normal birthday for you – and your last one before double digits!

You still love school – despite the time off this year. It’s one of your favourite things as you still love to learn, soak up information and tell us new facts at the most random of times.

Even though you are the youngest in your school year you are keeping up with your peers without any problems. You are ahead of where you need to be in all academic subjects and we are so, so proud of you.

You work so hard and you do well at anything you set your mind too. You’re not keen on PE, don’t like sports day and would rather read a book than run around a field. You are very much like I was at your age.

You love everyone. Even people who are mean you see the best in. This may be your downfall at some point but for now I love how kind and nice you are. I love that your outlook is rose tinted, that you don’t judge and you always give people second chances.

Because you love everyone you don’t really have many close friends. You have best friends that you can count on one hand and then you see everyone else as your friend with no hierarchy. You like everyone, play with everyone and get on with everyone.

This year we have really felt you growing up. You have had bursts of hormones, moods and moments where we don’t really know who you are. But, we know we’ll get out the other side of it and thankfully, the good times far outweigh the harder ones.

You don’t like eating breakfast any more, you’ve decided that you’re just not hungry in the mornings. But we often compromise with a piece of fruit. Other than that, you still love food and always declare a roast dinner your absolute favourite.

You are still pink and girly. You love having your nails painted, wearing makeup and getting me to put your hair in elaborate designs. But, on the other hand, you also love a PJ day and would go days without brushing your hair if it was down to you.

You have size 13 feet, are in age 7-8 clothes and your brother is swiftly overtaking you where size is concerned. But, we all know that all good things come in little packages. You are perfect just the way you are.

Due to the pandemic there aren’t many events to mention over the last year. But you did sing with Tony Hadley at the O2 again at the start of the year and we have had some little adventures, just nothing huge this year to write about.

You now have eight big teeth, and more wobbly ones ready to come out. You still believe in everything – and have the biggest of imaginations. It will be a sad day when you don’t want to dress up, be a spy or go on a secret mission any more. For now, you love the huge worlds you create in your head.

You are such a normal, lovely girl. You make us laugh, you appreciate the little things and you give great hugs. You still come into our bed for a cuddle in the morning and it’s still one of our favourite times of the day.

Oh LP. It’s so a pleasure being your parents. You light up our life and you are your brother’s favourite person. I cannot wait to see where you life takes you. Thank you for being you – never change.

Love always

Mummy and Daddy x


  • Donna Wishart

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  1. Huge birthday wishes to your pretty little girl, what a sweetheart she is. 9 is such a lovely age, still sweet and loving with lots of hugs. I know, I my youngest is 10 and is already beginning to change, so make the most of the next year. xx

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