LP’s Nursery Induction

I wrote recently about preparing for LP’s start at Nursery and today she had her first morning there to get used to the surroundings, meet the other children who will be in the same class as her and really just to ease her into this new chapter in her life.

LP loved it. There was so much to do and she tried everything, changing activity every couple of minutes. The children are free to play inside and outside through the morning and can use whatever toys and equipment they feel like. LP loved being outside. She spent quite a while climbing on the outdoor toys, playing on the slide and exploring.

LP's Nursery Induction

One of her favourite things to do was play with the water table that had been set up with colouring in the water. There were ramps to water down and lots of cups and bottles to fill and empty as well as a watering can. This is one area that LP just kept coming back to – Something as simple as water always proves to be a hit!

LP's Nursery Induction

She also liked walking around with a bucket of water and using it to ‘paint’ everything she saw – Paving slabs, the play house, even the tree. She loved the freedom of being able to paint whatever she liked and spent quite a while just sloshing water on the floor in her own works of art.

LP's Nursery Induction

LP doesn’t get much opportunity to paint at home so she loved the easel that was set up, complete with paint pots and coveralls. I know this is something LP will come back to time and time again – I can already imagine the paint covered clothes that will come home each day after nursery!

LP's Nursery Induction

So LP had a great time. I liked seeing her so happy in her new surroundings and I know that she will love it at her new nursery in September. Before then we have a home visit booked for the start of September and then a staggered start for her – She’ll spend a couple of weeks going in just for an hour and a half a day and then it will increase so she’ll be spending the whole morning at nursery.

LP's Nursery Induction

I’ll keep you updated on her progress but for now I’m looking forward to having two last months with LP at home all the time before we have our first experience of school days, term times and a proper routine!

LP's Nursery Induction


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