Today I am 29

Today is my 29th Birthday.

I don’t think we’ll be doing anything to celebrate. I don’t think I’ll get very many cards or presents either – although Dave has given me my Birthday present early – a Samsung Chromebook. The best present! It is amazing and making blogging so much easier – Dave knows how much this hobby now means to me.

I said to Dave, offhandedly a good few years ago, that I would love to have all our children and have a complete family by the time I’m 30. Well today I can happily say that my wish was granted a year early.

Today I am 29, I have two beautiful children, an amazing Husband and a lovely home. I am where I want to be in life and that really is the best present I could ask for.

Next year I am 30. The dreaded 3-0. THIRTY! How will I cope? How does anyone cope reaching 30? I’m looking forward to it actually. LP will be potty trained and a month into preschool. Little Man will be 18 months and an amazing toddler – learning so much. I’ll be 30 with a beautiful family who are all just a year older. 30 is just a number and I’m looking forward to being that number.

Today I am 29

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  1. Sounds like you have it all sorted-good for you !! A lovely and thoughful gift hubby got you there but you shouldn’t have had it early…..bad girl !! have a super day XX


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