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How Well Protected is Your Home? | AD

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We bought our first home in October 2006. It took literally every penny we had to save up the deposit, buy the house and pay all the associated fees. We didn’t think about much more than that at the time. We moved in, started unpacking and lived without half our furniture until we had saved some money.

A few weeks after moving in the boiler failed and, in the peak of winter and with a real shortage of cash we had no idea what to do. We had home insurance – buildings and contents – but it didn’t cover our boiler, pipes or anything else going wrong with the house.

How Well Protected is Your Home? | AD

In the end we spent a couple of weeks without heating and hot water whilst we waited for a heating engineer to come and fix the boiler. It was such a busy time of year and trying to organise an appointment around work was a nightmare – and it would be even worse if we’d been juggling children back then too. Our boiler was repaired just days before Christmas and we were left with a hefty bill to cover at such an expensive time of year.

Quite a few years later we’re now in a different house and had a new boiler put in a couple of years ago when we had some building work done. However, that first experience as home owners taught us a valuable lesson – to make sure that we are covered for any eventuality. You never know what is going to happen and you really need a contingency in place to be able to deal with anything your home may throw at you.

Like many young families, we don’t have thousands of pounds sitting around to dip into if we need it. Instead we have invested in Boiler, Heating and Home cover year after year as well as our standard home insurance. It’s something we didn’t even know existed until after our boiler issues. It gives us complete peace of mind so that we can relax and enjoy our home, knowing that everything will be sorted out if there’s ever a problem. I just wish we’d had the cover in place from the start.

All home owners will appreciate the problems you can experience in your property. We had frozen pipes last winter and have had more leaks over the years than I care to remember. But knowing that we can pick up the phone and have any problem looked at without a hefty bill really makes life that little bit easier.

Have you got cover like this in place? Do you ever worry what you’d do if something went wrong? With a company like Hometree we know that they don’t just come out in emergencies but they also fix minor leaks and noisey boilers too. They like to be on top of any issue and fix it before problems get bigger. They work around our family, coming out in the evenings or weekends if we need them to and they cover boilers of any age as well. They are available 24/7 and have no limit on call outs or claims. That really is a service worth experiencing.

You can visit the Hometree website to find out more about their cover and if you do decide to sign up with them they will give you a gift of a £30 Amazon voucher too.

How Well Protected is Your Home? | AD


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  1. We had to buy a new boiler and a lot of pipework before we moved into our home, so I definitely know just how expensive it can all be. It was a bit eye watering at the time! Luckily these days Si’s nephew is a plumber so he’s now our emergency contact for the boiler ha. Now I just need someone in the family to train as an electrician and we’ll be covered for most things 😉

    Stevie x

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